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Swara Bhaskar told Aftab, who cut 35 pieces, was a monster, the actress said this with anger

Delhi’s Shraddha murder case has shocked everyone. The brutality with which the deceased’s live-in-partner Aftab killed 27-year-old Shraddha has shaken everyone. Swara Bhaskar also reacted to this painful murder of Delhi. Expressing surprise on this matter, the actress said that it is really intimidating. My heart goes out to Shraddha how Shraddha’s love betrayed her.

Swara Bhasker said on this heartbreaking case of Delhi that there are no words for how horrific, gruesome and sad this case is. My heart is going out for this lady. Too terrible the one she loved, trusted so much betrayed her. I hope the police completes their investigation soon and this monster gets the harshest punishment he fully deserves.

Shraddha Murder
Shraddha murder case is being discussed everywhere. The accused lover Aftab Amin Poonawala has been arrested by the police at present. Aftab told that the girlfriend was pressurizing him to marry, that is why he killed Shraddha by cutting her into 35 pieces.

Broken 35 pieces… why did Aftab kill Shraddha in Delhi! Because love will lose trust
Aftab got the idea to cut 35 pieces of Shraddha from Dexter web series, used to burn incense sticks to hide the smell
He committed the murder in May. He was throwing body pieces in different parts of Delhi so that no one could come to know about this murder. To hide the dead body, the accused lover had also bought a big fridge and kept incense sticks lit so that the stink could not happen. Police said that the two met on a dating app.



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