Taali’s transgender Shrigauri Sawant’s life is a tragedy, said- ‘Father did my last rites while alive’

Transgender Shrigauri Sawant (Shreegauri Sawant) is an activist, whose life is being prepared to be shown on screen. Sushmita Sen told about her next web series ‘Taali’, in which she is going to play the role of Shri Gauri Sawant. She hails from Mumbai, where she lives with around 500 transgenders in Malad. She has been working for the interests of sex workers living in the margins of the society. She became famous all over the country due to her work and today a web series is being made on her.

He had to face many difficulties in life to get the recognition that Shri Gauri Sawant has made with his noble work. In the midst of the disdain of family and society, she gave a purpose to her life and moved ahead. He left home at the age of 16.

According to media reports, Shri Gauri Sawant openly told about his personal life during a conversation. She is the youngest among her siblings. She says, ‘I am the third child of my parents, so God made me the third gender.’ She has been facing the stigma of being transgender since childhood. His family could never accept the fact that their third child was a transgender.

Shri Gauri Sawant’s childhood was spent in troubles
She says, ‘I was 9 years old, then the shadow of the mother got up from her head. She was terrified. Victim of bullying. Nobody used to talk. There was a ban on wearing makeup and saris. Even though I may not have been beaten up, but the neglect of people hurt me from within. My father had performed my last rites while I was alive. When she could not tolerate the neglect of the family, she left the house.

Shrigauri Sawant works for AIDS Control Society
Shri Gauri Sawant wandered here and there after escaping from the house and finally came in contact with her guru Kanchan Amma. When Kanchan Amma saw him wandering in the signal, she brought him home with her. Transgenders had to work like ‘sex workers’ or begging, but they could not become sex workers because they were not beautiful. She did not like begging, so she joined an NGO. She currently works with the AIDS Control Society of Maharashtra.

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