Taapsee Pannu said on the debate with the paparazzi – ‘I am not illiterate, who can get angry without talking’

Taapsee Pannu Video: A video of Taapsee Pannu was in the news in the past, in which she was seen fighting with the paparazzi. Actually, Taapsee Pannu had reached Mithibai College in Mumbai for the promotion of her film ‘Dobaaraa’. Here, Taapsee had arrived late, for which a paparazzi interrupted her. On which Taapsee also got angry. Now the actress has reacted to this viral video. The actress says that she never forgets the paparazzi for her personal publicity.

In a conversation with Bollywood Hungama, Taapsee said that she never calls paparazzi for her personal promotion. He was called by the production house and was there for the program organized for ‘Dobaara’. She objected to the intimidation by the photographers and said- ‘You should hear the tone in which he speaks sometimes. This is extremely insulting to us.

Taapsee further says- ‘We are not fools. We are not illiterate who get angry at anyone without any reason. I refuse to accept that I insulted anyone. Taapsee said that she kept herself calm and spoke respectfully with the photographers. Whereas, looking at their face, he was giving strange expressions and he talked in a loud voice while talking to them.

Actually, during the program, a paparazzi told Taapsee Pannu that they have been waiting for her for two hours and also complained to Taapsee about not stopping. Taapsee tried to clarify on this, but the paparazzi kept complaining about the late arrival of the actress. The actress also got angry on this and tells the paparazzi- “I am doing what I have been told, why are you shouting at me.”

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