The actor made his girlfriend express his love by drinking beer, when he became poor, the wife took a shocking step

New Delhi. Born on 19 April 1961 in Mumbai, the love story of your favorite stars Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti is no less than a Bollywood film. In the love story of Arshad-Maria, that saying fits perfectly that in love, one becomes oblivious of religion, caste, culture and everything else. The love story of Arshad and Maria is also similar.

It is known to all that Arshad could not study much after the death of his parents at a young age. After that he worked from cosmetic salesman to photo lab. Although Arshad, who was living in poverty, loved to dance. He was very fond of dance. The interesting thing is that his wife Maria also loved to dance, it was a strange coincidence that dance had brought them together.

When Arshad met Maria for the first time
It was in the year 1991 when Arshad Warsi was invited to judge a dance talent show at St. Xavier’s College. Arshad saw a lovely and talented girl on the stage and became crazy about her. That girl was Maria Goretti. It was not love at first sight but Arshad was impressed by her talent. Later he asked Maria to join his dance group, but she rejected Arshad’s offer.

Maria used to have feelings for Arshad
After Maria’s refusal, the two met again through a common friend after about three months. This time Maria agreed to join Arshad’s dance group. Gradually, both had become friends and started having feelings for each other, but no one accepted this fact. Arshad knew that Maria had feelings for him, but whenever he asked Maria about it, she refused.

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