The film released on Chaitra Navratri, Devi song rocked, Jitendra-Reena Roy’s luck shone

Mumbai: Navratri seems dull without the bhajan ‘Tune Mujhe Bhalaya Sherawaliye’ from the 80’s blockbuster film ‘Aasha’. Released on March 21, 1980, on the occasion of Chaitra Navratri, the film had a pair of Jeetendra-Reena Roy but this hymn was shot on Jitendra and T Rameshwari. In this film, Rameshwari played the role of Jitendra’s onscreen wife but the pairing of Jitendra and Reena Roy became a hit. Let us tell the story of the film ‘Asha’ on the auspicious occasion of Navratri.

The 1980 film ‘Asha’, directed by J Om Prakash, was decorated with music by the Laxmikant-Pyarelal duo. Although there are 6 songs in this film, but two songs are so powerful that even today music lovers get excited after listening to them. One is ‘You have called me Sherawaliye’, the other is ‘Be it glass or heart, it breaks after all’. This song was sung by Lata Mangeshkar, while the famous bhajan was once sung by Mohammed Rafi and once by Narendra Chanchal. The appeal of this bhajan made on Mata Rani is still working for 43 years. The songs of this film were written by Anand Bakshi.

‘Asha’ made in Tamil, Telugu, Bengali as well
‘Asha’, which was a tremendous hit at the box office, has become involved in cult films over time. Along with this film, the pairing of Jitendra and Reena Roy created a stir. The film also made tremendous money. According to media reports, the film was successful in earning double its cost. The success of the film ‘Asha’ can be gauged from the fact that it was remade in Telugu as ‘Anurag Devta’ in the year 1982, then in the very next year i.e. 1983 in Tamil as ‘Sumangali’ and in 1990 as ‘Mandira’ in Bengali. Created by name. The story of the film ‘Asha’, made under the banner of Filmyug Pvt Ltd, was written by Ram Kelkar, while the dialogues were written by J Om Prakash and Ramesh Pant.

80’s blockbuster film ‘Asha’. (the posters)

Story of ‘Asha’ movie
In the story of this film, Deepak, a truck driver, played by Jitendra, becomes friends with a singer, Asha, after giving him a lift. Asha’s role was played by Reena Roy. Deepak is already in love with Mala (Rameshwari) and marries her. Deepak meets with an accident and everyone thinks that he has died. When her mother asks pregnant Mala to leave the house, Mala goes to her father’s house, who dies. Distressed Mala tries to kill herself by jumping into the water from the bridge and is saved by the people of the temple, but in this accident Mala loses her eye. She gives birth to a daughter named Deepmala. Deepak is alive and when he comes home, the mother becomes happy and tells about Mala’s suicide, then he goes into depression. Then Asha re-enters Deepak’s life and Deepak comes out of depression.

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Interesting climax of the film ‘Aasha’
Meanwhile, in a dramatic situation, he meets the child Deepmala. Asha meets Mala and gets her eyes operated. Meanwhile, Deepak and Asha are about to get married, Asha invites Mala to her wedding. Mala’s eyes get cured and when she reaches Asha’s wedding, she is shocked to see Deepak. She silently leaves from there but a friend of Deepak tells her about Mala and Deepmala, after knowing Asha cancels the marriage and expresses her pain by singing ‘Sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho’ on stage.

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