The film was released before Chaitra Navratri, Devi Geet-poignant story made her cry, Rajesh Khanna again became a superstar

Chaitra Navratras have started from today. With the hymns of Mata Rani, devotees in every house are engaged in pleasing Maa Bhagwati. Bollywood has given such an evergreen song of Mata Rani, which people are listening to in the same spirit since 40 years. The lyrics of the song are ‘Chalo bulava aaya hai… Mata ne bulaya hai’. This song proved to be a super hit in the 1983 film ‘Avatar’. Do you know that this film was released before Navratri and this emotional Devi song created a buzz and due to this film, Rajesh Khanna once again became a superstar.

Not one but many action, romance and family films were seen in Bollywood. But some films were made such that they won the hearts of the people with their emotions. Family films were made in Bollywood, which were loved by the people, be it films like ‘Khandan’ and ‘Gharana’ made in the 60s or ‘Hum Aapke Hain Koun’ in the 90s. When action films dominated in the 80s, a film was released called ‘Avatar’. This film was so successful that this film brought back the era of family films.

What is the story of ‘Avatar’
A servant who owes a debt of salt and a helpless owner, whose sons leave their father’s side in bad times. The film ‘Avatar’, depicting the passionate relationship of both, makes the audience feel the reality even after being a drama film. Along with Shabana Azmi, Rajesh Khanna was in the role of Malik in the film. Whereas, Sachin was in the role of servant, Gulshan Grover and Shashi Puri were in the role of sons. Released on 11 March 1983, the film was directed by Mohan Kumar.

Shown in films changing relationships in bad times
After the success of this film, the filmmakers made many similar stories, in which the changing relationships were shown in bad times. Overall, people were shown on the screen, ‘Baap bada na bhaiya, sabse bada rupee’.

Narendra Chanchal got recognition from ‘Chalo Bulava Aaya Hai…Mata Ne Calla Hai’
One song of this film became quite famous. The lyrics of the song were, ‘Chalo bulava aaya hai… Mata ne bulaaya hai’. Even today this song is sung on the first number in the gifts of mother. Singer Narendra Chanchal got tremendous recognition from this song. It is said that after this song, the crowd of people increased every year in his Jagrata at Vaishno Devi.

This film gave support to the sinking career of Rajesh Khanna
Rajesh Khanna, who became a Bollywood superstar with the film ‘Aradhana’, started feeling depressed by the time the 1980s came. The reason was his style. The style was getting old and Amitabh Bachchan had become a superstar and Big B was becoming the first choice of filmmakers. Producer-director Mohan Kumar had also finalized Amitabh Bachchan for his new film, but then Rajesh Khanna was entered in the film. The situation became such that the director himself came to Rajesh Khanna with the proposal of the film. When the offer of the film came to Rajesh, he was not able to understand whether to say yes or no to this film received in difficult times. He was to play the role of an old man in the film and this is where things got stuck. If I had said no, the film would have gone out of hand and if I had said yes, I would have had to become old in the film’s youth. He said yes and he rocked the screen. Tears could not stop seeing him (Rajesh) as ‘Avatar Krishna’ on the screen, this was the film which was liked by his parents more than the youth. There was an earthquake at the box office and those people were left staring, who were saying, ‘Bas ab Rajesh Khanna ka time chala gaya’.

Rajesh Khanna reached the court of Mata barefoot
Director, Rajesh Khanna and Shabana Azmi reached Katra on March 7, 1982 for the shooting of this song. It was bitterly cold then. If he had brought a child from Mumbai, he was afraid that he might fall ill after going there. That’s why he took a coolie’s kid in the shooting. So that he can tolerate the nature here. On the day of shooting, both Rajesh Khanna and Shabana started moving towards Mata’s court barefoot. After completing all the leg of the journey, the film unit reached Maa Bhavan at 7 pm and the climax of the song was shot at 1 am and it snowed in the night, so the rest of the song was shot the next day Went. This song was completed in two days. Due to snowfall, the entire unit was stuck there for four days.

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