The film whose name is recorded in the record of maximum 71 songs, even after 91 years no one could break it

It is not possible that there should be Hindi films and there should be no songs or music in them. Movies and music have been an integral part of Hindi cinema since its inception. No matter how serious the story of the film is… whether it is romantic or comedy, it is not fun unless the songs add flavor to it. But do you know which Hindi film has the maximum number of songs? Which film holds the record for the maximum number of songs? The film was released 91 years ago and had not one or two but 72 songs.

In the WoW Wednesday series, we are going to tell you about this film. The name of this film was ‘Indra Sabha’, which is said to be about 3 hours 31 minutes long. Two films were made with this name. The first film was made by Manilal Joshi and it was released in 1925. Since it was the era of silent films, there was neither any music nor any dialogue in it. After this came the era of talkie films, in 1932 the first film named ‘Indra Sabha’ was made. ‘Indra Sabha’ was the first Indian film with sound, while ‘Alam Ara’ was the first Indian talkie.

Indra Sabha Film, Photo: Twitter

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JF Madan made ‘Indra Sabha’, this actress was

‘Indra Sabha’ was produced by JF Madan’s company, named Madan Theatres. JF Madan was not only a theater artist, but he was also the biggest film distributor of the 20s and 30s. ‘Indra Sabha’ was based on an Urdu play of the same name, which was first presented in 1853. The film had Jahanara Kajjan and Master Nisar in the lead roles. Jahanara was not only an actress but also a singer. He had a lot of fire in the twenties and thirties. Jahanara Kajjan was called the ‘Nightingale of Bengal’.

indra sabha poster

Indra Sabha Film, Photo: Twitter

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Record and story of ‘Indra Sabha’

‘Indra Sabha’ had 72 songs, which is a world record and till date no film has been able to break this record. It had 9 Thumris, 4 Holi songs, 15 Geet, 31 Ghazals, 2 Chaubola, 5 Chhand and 5 other general songs. The story of the film was about such a kind and good-natured king, who along with his subjects, lavishes love on every unhappy person and goes ahead to help. In the same story there is an apsara of ‘Indrasabha’ who decides to test the king. But in order to test the king, Apsara gives her heart to him.


Actors in the role of Apsaras in the film Indra Sabha, Photo: facebook/100+ Years of Indian Cinema

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Where is the heroine of ‘Indra Sabha’?

While Jahanara Kajjan played the role of Sabj Pari in ‘Indrasabha’, Master Nisar appeared in the role of Gulfam. Master Nisar and Jahanara Kajjan have been an offscreen and onscreen superhit pair. Both showed amazing from acting to singing. Jahanara Kajjan ruled the industry for several decades before she died in 1945. Then Jahanara was only 30 years old.

jahanara kajjan

Jahanara Kajjan, heroine of Indra Sabha film, Photo: Twitter

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Another ‘Indra Sabha’ was also formed in 1956

This film was followed by another film named ‘Indra Sabha’ in 1956, which was directed by Nanubhai B. But there were not 72 songs in that film. It is said that it was inspired by the success of JF Madan’s ‘Indra Sabha’.

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