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The first item girl of Bollywood had won a luxury life, was in bad shape in the last days, used to get food from the road

In Hindi cinema, in the 40s and 50s, there was such a heroine, seeing her agility and agility in her dance, people used to call her ‘rubber girl’. Along with the elegance, everyone used to say wow and wow after seeing the waist and dancing. It was heroine Kukku More, who was the topmost dancer of the 40s and 50s. Cuckoo More was known as the ‘Dancing Queen’. When it comes to cabaret dance, Helen’s face comes to mind. But this dance form was popularized by Kukku More. Helen later carried on this legacy (cabaret) of Cuckoo More.

Cuckoo More popularized the cabaret

Kukku More gave such recognition to cabaret dance in Hindi cinema that cabaret was made mandatory in almost every film made in the 40s to 50s. Cuckoo More was also well known for his flamboyant style and expensive nature. But at the last moment, his condition was such that anyone shuddered to know. Kukku More, who earned a lot in that era on the basis of her amazing dance skills, did not even have enough money in the last days to buy medicine for herself. Cancer took his life.

Cuckoo More, Photo: Instagram

Born in an Anglo-Indian family, Kukku More used to rob the gathering from dance
Kukku More was born in 1928 to an Anglo-Indian family. Kukku More was very fond of dance since childhood. It was a heartfelt wish that one day she has to become the topmost dancer. Cuckoo More grew up and fulfilled this wish of his. He made his Bollywood debut in 1946 with the film ‘Arab Ka Sitara’ before independence. After this, he acted in many more films like ‘Anokhi Ada’, ‘Andaz’, ‘Shayar’, ‘Barsaat’ and ‘Patanga’. Kukku More’s dance was well-liked in these films. The dancing skills of Kukku More had also come in the eyes of the producers and directors. After this, Kukku More started getting a lot of offers. In almost every other film, Kukku More would be seen as a dancer and would rob the screen with her performances.

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Watch the song of Kukku More:

Mehboob Khan’s films changed direction, Pran and Helen were launched
It is said that Mehboob Khan’s films proved to be a milestone in the career of Kukku More. While Kukku More was able to show her dance skills with her films, she also showed acting skills in some films. The popularity of Cuckoo More was increasing day by day. But this popularity of Kukku More gradually started decreasing when heroines like Helen and Vyjayanthimala entered films.

cuckoo moray

Cuckoo More, Photo: Twitter@FilmHistoryPic

Helen said this on the first meeting with Cuckoo More
Helen was a family friend of Kukku More. It was Cuckoo who had brought Helen to the movies. Kukku More launched many faces in Bollywood, one of which was actor Pran and the other was Helen. Helen was introduced to the industry by Cuckoo in 1951. At that time Helen was only 13 years old. The actress had told in an interview about how Helen’s first meeting with Kukku More was. According to ‘Cinestaan’, Helen had said, ‘I met him when I used to go to school. I was in boarding school before meeting him. Mummy became friends with him and that’s how we met. During our boarding school days, we became friends with the family of Kukku More. I started going to the studio with Cuckoo. I don’t know how, but my mother also felt that Cuckoo wanted me to enter films. At that time I was very young, probably 12-13 years old. It was Cuckoo who brought me to this line.

helen and cuckoo moray

Helen with Kukku More in a song from the movie Jew, Photo: YouTube

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Watch the video of Kukku More and Helen dancing together:

Cuckoo More’s luxurious life, luxury vehicles, luxurious houses
Later Helen and Kukku More also danced together in Bimal Roy’s ‘Jewish’ and ‘Heera Moti’. However, after coming in 1963, Kukku More took retirement from films. From here he saw very difficult days and faced a lot of financial trouble. Kukku More used to charge Rs 6,000 for a dance number in the 50s, which was too much for that time. It is said that many people were also jealous of such hefty fees of Cuckoo More at that time. Cuckoo More was also living with pride. She was touching the heights of fame day by day. He had everything. There was a big luxurious bungalow in Mumbai. Kukku More had three luxury vehicles at that time. One of these cars was only for his dog, while one was for him and the other for his friends. At that time, Kukku More had many flats and a lot of jewellery. But the wheel of time turned in such a way that Cuckoo More became ‘Rank to King’.

cuckoo moray

Cuckoo More, Photo: Twitter@FilmHistoryPic

Cuckoo More became ‘Rank to Rak’, considered herself responsible
Actress Tabassum had told about Kukku More in her show ‘Tabassum Talkies’, ‘She always used to say that I am myself responsible for my condition. When I had a lot of money, I did not appreciate it. shed like water. As a result, I fell in love with each and every pie. But even more trouble came to me when I did not appreciate the food. Used to order food from big five star hotels. She used to feed her friends. I used to eat myself too and I used to throw away the remaining food. This very thing of mine felt very bad to the one above and I became fascinated by every grain.’

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Watch the song of Kukku More:

Cuckoos used to eat after collecting food from the road, cancer took their lives, there was no money even for the shroud
In the last days, Kukku More was diagnosed with cancer and she became very ill. But he had no one to live with. Fighting with the situation, Kukku More used to do her own work. Tabassum had told that Kukku More used to go to the vegetable market. The vegetable sellers used to clean the vegetables and throw the stalks etc. on the road, Cuckoo More used to collect them and bring them home. Cuckoo More used to cook and eat it only. The situation was such that there was neither money to eat nor money to buy shrouds. Eventually, Kukku More died of cancer and death on 30 September 1981 and passed away. It is a matter of great sadness that the Cuckoo More on whom the entire film industry once used to die, did not reach to bid him his last farewell. It is said that on the death of Kukku More, no one from the film industry had reached to mourn or have a last glimpse.


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