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The life of this actress changed after the death of her mother, now she sings bhajans in temples

Millions of people are engaged in a struggle every day for the colorful world of Bollywood. For every person who comes to Mumbai from every corner of the country with the dream of becoming an actor, this journey is full of thorns. Struggling to become an actor also becomes a canker. Caught in the vortex between success and failure, actors live every day like a war.

After hard work some people become successful. At the same time, failure hurts for some life. But there are some people who do not hesitate to say goodbye to this bewitching world even after getting success in the industry. One such name is Nupur Showbiz.

broke ties with Mohmaya after 27 years
Nupur showbiz, who earned a name by acting in the TV world for a long time of 27 years, is now away from Mohmaya. After the death of her mother, Nupur took refuge in God and is now seen swinging in the devotion of God in temples. Actress Nupur Showbiz, who has worked hard in the industry for almost 27 years, has also broken away from this fascinated world after the death of her mother. Now Nupur is seen singing and dancing bhajans absorbed in the devotion of God.

Nupur lives in a hut leaving a luxurious life
Nupur Showbiz, who worked hard and worked hard in the colorful world of acting for nearly 27 years, is now absorbed in the devotion of God. After the death of her mother, Nupur adopted the path of devotion and said goodbye to this world of love. Now Nupur is seen dancing in the temple immersed in the devotion of Lord Krishna. Nupur has posted a video on her social media. In which Nupur is seen dancing on the lines of a hymn in the temple of God.

Nupur immersed in devotion after mother’s death
After the death of Nupur Showbiz’s mother, Nupur has adopted the path of devotion. Leaving the luxurious life of her actress away from glamor, now she is seen in the color of devotion. Nupur has retired from worldly life. Now Nupur is seen swinging in the devotion of Krishna. Nupur has shared a video on her Instagram. In which she is seen dancing joyfully in the hymn of God. Nupur has also posted many pictures on her Instagram. Through which glimpses of his sannyasin life are visible.

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