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The night Archana Gautam was eliminated from Bigg Boss 16, what happened outside, brother revealed

Actor and politician Archana Gautam has been in the news for the last few days. She is the strongest contestant of Bigg Boss 16 but she was rendered homeless for trying to strangle Shiv Thackeray. Archana was evicted by Bigg Boss. However, he was later brought back, which made some happy and some unhappy. Now in an interview, the brother of the actress told what actually happened on the night of that eviction.

Archana Gautam’s younger brother Gulshan Gautam had a special conversation with ‘Aaj Tak.com’. He told about what happened on the day the actress came out of Bigg Boss 16. Said- My friends suddenly called me and told that there is talk of evicting Archana from the house. Now I was completely stunned to hear this because she was playing well in the show. Then how can this be possible.

The family was in bad condition as soon as Archana came out
Gulshan further told that when he saw that episode of Archana Gautam sitting with the family, he started crying after seeing his sister going out of the house. He said that evening was really bad for everyone. He says- My parents were crying. We were getting nervous to talk to him. It seemed that she would come out and call us but could not talk to her. Then came the news that he was re-entering the show. He is being given another chance. On hearing this, our happiness knew no bounds. Now we want him to take a lesson from this and play his game well.

Archana Gautam’s grandfather was murdered
Gulshan also talked about Archana’s entry into politics. He said that politics is in our blood because Grandfather Gagan Sharan Singh and Papa Gautam have been in this field for a long time. Now Archana is following in his footsteps. According to Gulshan, Dada Gagan was murdered long back. Somebody had killed him by drinking poison by deceit.

Archana cannot hear a word against the party
Gulshan also opened up on Archana’s attachment and love for the party. Said- Archana Gautam is compared to Grandfather. He is very dedicated towards his work. If anyone harms his emotions, he gets very angry. Not only this, even if someone harms her party, she also turns red-yellow. She may hear about the family once but can’t hear a word about Grandpa and the party.



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