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The power of Hindus is not just in Britain, all the merits mentioned in this report

London. Days after Rishi Sunak became Britain’s prime minister, a report said the country’s Hindus were “skilled, wealthy and well behaved” and that in 2021, there were only 0.4 percent of Hindus in the country’s jails, which were no less than any other country. The religion also has the least number of people. According to the report, there are 9,83,000 Hindus living in England and Wales and it is believed that Hindus from India have been coming to Britain for 500 years.

According to the news of ‘The Times’ newspaper, it is a success story of immigration. It has written that there are only 329 Hindus in UK jails. According to the report, ‘They are more qualified than Christians and earn more. Now Rishi Sunak, a second generation member of a doctor’s family, has reached No. 10 (10, Downing Street).’

After India’s independence and partition, the first major wave of Hindu displacement occurred in 1947 and they were encouraged to address the post-war labor shortage in Britain. Even the anti-immigration Enoch Powell recruited healthcare workers from the Indian subcontinent during his tenure as health minister. The second wave came from East Africa in the 1970s when Idi Amin drove the Asian population of Uganda. About 4,500 people of the Indian-origin community migrated to India, while 27,000 resettled in Britain.

47% of UK Hindus live in London
When Britain eased immigration laws for foreign students in the 1990s, a third wave of Indian migration occurred. Hindus, as the largest religious and ethnic minorities, are concentrated around large cities. 47 percent of Britain’s Hindus live in London, which is five percent of the capital’s population. According to the report, after more than 50 years, Hindus have reached different corners of the country. Sundar Katwala, founder of the British Future think tank, said, ‘In the next census, we will see that there will be a little more diversity everywhere.’

59 percent of British Hindus pursued higher education
According to the report, in 2018, 59 percent of British Hindus reported pursuing higher education, which is almost double the number of Christians at 30 percent. According to the report, only 7.8 per cent Hindus have GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) as their highest education, while 20 per cent Christians have GCSE. The report says that only 5.5 percent of British Hindus have achieved no formal qualification. As of 2012, Hindus living in London had a net worth of £2,77,400 (including property), second only to the Jewish community.

Hindus have the third lowest poverty rate
Hindus have the third lowest poverty rate after Jews and Christians. Among religious groups in Britain, Hindus are reported to be the second highest hourly earners after the Jewish community, who earn £13.80 an hour. Shopkeeper Preet says that his children have seen him work day and night, seven days a week and for nearly 12 hours a day. He said, ‘I don’t think they want to act like this. I always used to tell him that we are working hard so that you don’t have to. The report points out that the most recent census showed that 15.4 per cent of British Indians, of whom nearly 50 per cent are Hindus, are in professional and highly managerial roles, the highest proportion of any group.

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