The scene of crow biryani in the film ‘Run’ made Vijay Raj an overnight star, today he is a fan favorite

Mumbai: Vijay Raaz in Bollywood is not dependent on any introduction today. With his comic style, he has created his own image in the film industry. Whenever there is his entry in the film, the audience burst into laughter. His character brings energy in every film. There is hardly anyone who has not praised his comedy and wonderful acting. Today, more than his name, he is recognized through his characters. Nothing can be bigger than this for any actor.

Vijay Raj’s character in Abhishek Bachchan’s film ‘Run’, which came in the year 2004, became so famous that even today people have not forgotten his character. People remember that film only from the comedy scene of Vijay Raj. That scene of his crow biryani in the film is still enshrined in people’s minds. Vijay’s comedy succeeds in winning everyone’s heart. There is no match for his acting and comedy today. In every Bollywood film, Vijay Raj’s character has its own specialty.

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15 years of struggle hidden behind the success
Vijay has had to struggle a lot to reach where he is in the film industry today. Whatever space his character used to get in films, Vijay wins the hearts of the audience. This process continues even today. But 15 years of struggle is hidden behind his success. Vijay Raj had taken admission in Delhi’s Kirori Mal College after completing his studies till 12th standard. He also joined the theater group in college. It was from there that he thought about making a career in acting. But for this he did theater only for 10 years.

Did debut with ‘Jungle’
Vijay Raj started his acting career with Ram Gopal Varma’s film ‘Jungle’. After this he appeared in the role of PK Dubey in Mahesh Bhatt’s film Bhopal Express and Monsoon Wedding. But till now he had not got the status he deserved. Gradually, the audience started to understand his comic style. Critics also started liking Vijay’s work. As a lead, he appeared in the film ‘Raghu Romeo’ for the first time. His character in this film surprised the audience.

Please tell that Vijay Raj’s character was also well-liked in Ranveer Singh’s film ‘Gully Boy’. In his acting career, he has played excellent characters in many films like I Am 24, Benam, Dream Girl, Anwar, Love in Nepal Phool N Final, Welcome, Mumbai Express and Gangubai.

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