The superstar who earned 1560 crores in front of the producer said – I loved your wife very much but…

New Delhi. This actor, who specializes in doing selective films in Bollywood and does only one film in a year, is none other than our favorite ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ of Bollywood i.e. Aamir Khan.Aamir Khan) Are. Even though Aamir has given two consecutive flop films like ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ and ‘Thugs of Hindostan’, but his name is a guarantee of a successful film. Audiences of all ages and classes are impressed by Aamir Khan, who gives out-of-the-box films because he does not hold back in experimenting. Prepare a lot for your role. Although he often remains in the eyes of netizens regarding his personal life.

Let us tell you that the full name of superstar Aamir Khan is Mohammad Amir Hussain Khan. Aamir fell in love not once in his life but got married twice. Now you will be surprised to know about Aamir Khan that even before Reena Dutt, he wanted that female superstar of Bollywood who was the heartbeat of many stars. Although his heartbeat was Bollywood producer Boney Kapoor. Yes ! You understood absolutely right, we are talking about the late actress Sridevi.

you will not believe that Aamir Khan He was in love with Sridevi and he himself disclosed this in an interview. He told that before marrying Reena Dutta i.e. during modeling days, he used to like Sridevi very much, she was his crush. Although he could never do any film with Sridevi but definitely did work. During an interview, Aamir Khan had told that he also got a chance to work with Sridevi. Sridevi and Aamir Khan came together for a magazine photoshoot. Although he was very nervous seeing them.

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During the interview of Filmfare, Aamir Khan had told that “I have been a big fan of Sridevi ji, she is my most favorite actress. She has been my first crush. I told Boney (Kapoor) about this recently. When I was new in the industry. Once I was called to shoot with Sridevi for a magazine. I can’t tell you how scared I was. I started thinking that when I come in front of her, she will recognize me within two seconds that this boy loves me and how much love is hidden in my heart for him. I was completely injured seeing her beauty. There was also a problem in making eye contact with him. Although I could never do a film with Sridevi, I will always regret it.

Aamir Khan’s first marriage and love story
Let us tell you that Aamir Khan’s first marriage was to Reena Dutta. The love story of Reena and Aamir is also quite famous. It is said that she was Reena, whom Aamir Khan was crazy to get. He was so crazy that he even wrote a love letter for her with his own blood. However, later Reena Dutta scolded him too. Aamir married Reena in 1986 but they got divorced after a few days.

After Shahrukh, now Bollywood’s Dabangg will support Aamir, Salman’s yes will change the fate of ‘Mr Perfectionist’

Aamir Khan’s second marriage and affair
Aamir Khan’s second marriage took place with Kiran Rao. This marriage lasted for 15 years and in July 2021 Aamir-Kiran got divorced. Now after divorce from Kiran, Aamir’s name is being associated with actress Fatima Sana Shaikh. If media speculation is to be believed then he is dating Fatima. Please tell that apart from Fatima, Aamir’s name has been associated with journalist Jessica Hines. It is said that both lived in a live-in relationship. These things are from 1998 when Aamir was shooting for the film Ghulam.

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