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The victory of ‘Brahmastra’ and the people of Boycott are lying, these 5 tricks of the makers worked at the box office

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s film ‘Brahmastra’ was about to release when people from all around raised their voices on social media regarding the boycott of this film. First there was a ruckus on social media about nepotism and then the beef video of Ranbir Kapoor intensified the air of the boycott. People’s hatred was seen at its peak when Ranbir’s video on social media was like a storm in which he was seen expressing his love for beef. The situation was such that before the release of the film, when director Ayan Mukerji reached Ujjain’s Mahakal temple with Ranbir and Alia, it is said that they were sent back from the gate without darshan. Actually, the people of the Hindu organization were against that beef video of Ranbir, who stood like a wall outside the Ujjain temple. Now as it was confirmed that the film is bound to beat at the box office. However, the film was released after all the protests and that too with a bang. The people of Boycott are definitely in shock due to the figures that the film started showing at the box office. Well, here we are going to explore the strong reasons that supported the sinking boat of ‘Brahmastra’. Let us know what were the reasons due to which ‘Brahmastra’ has been performing well at the box office from day one. At least in comparison to the figures of the films released within the last two years, the film has definitely created panic at the box office.

South stars hold hands

There is a tremendous craze among the audience about South Cinema, which has increased in recent times. The makers of ‘Brahmastra’ were successful in getting access to this emotion of the audience and this trick was successful too. In fact, for the promotion of ‘Brahmastra’ in recent times, Ranbir and Alia were seen roaming around a lot with the stalwarts of South cinema. The support of the veterans of South also came in handy in the film promotion. During the film promotion, S.S. Rajamouli and Jr NTR appeared. It was a big deal in itself to see faces like Rajamouli and NTR on the stage of this film promotion. Not only this, Ranbir was also seen touching the feet of Rajamouli and Nagarjuna in a video, its effect is now visible on the audience of Hindi belt more than South. The film is earning a lot in the Hindi language. Not only this, during the film promotion, Alia Bhatt sang the song ‘Kesariya’ in Telugu for her Tamil fans and simply won the hearts of the fans of South.

Amazing VFX in the film
Ayan Mukerji’s ‘Brahmastra’ is being compared to South’s superhit film ‘Bahubali’. The audience who returned after watching the film could not get tired of praising the VFX seen in it. ‘Brahmastra’ is one such sci-fi film in which many new technologies including VFX have been used fiercely. This is the reason why the cost of the film also increased a lot. It is said that the maximum expenditure in the film was spent on technology. In Bollywood, this type of VFX has been seen in very few films, in such a situation, the VFX of this film, which feels like South and Hollywood films, is winning the hearts of the people. The creativity of VFX seems to balance the weak story of the film beautifully.

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Released in 3D
For a long time, we have worn those 3D glasses to watch most Hollywood movies. This time Bollywood has also given the opportunity and because of this also this film is very special. The film has been released in three different formats, including 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D. In such a situation, the fans are not in a mood to let go of the experience of this Bollywood film.

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The story of the gods was shown in the film like Hollywood’s ‘Avengers’
In our country, there is a unique respect for the traditions associated with Hindus and people have a unique reverence for it. In such a situation, the story of the film may be a little weak but the background is close to most of the hearts. This story of the film is of Brahmastra, the god of weapons, given as a boon to the sages, whose protection is the responsibility of his protectors i.e. Brahmansh. It’s almost like the Avengers do their best to protect the Infinity Stones. Nagarjuna, Ranbir Kapoor are also in this film just like the soldiers of Avengers. While Nagarjuna is the protector of Nandi Astra, Ranbir Kapoor is the protector of Agni Astra. In the film, these brahmans are busy in saving only Brahmastra with their super power.
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Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s first film
Alia Bhatt has appeared in this film for the first time with Ranbir Kapoor. Alia had expressed her love with Ranbir Kapoor some time back, after which romantic pictures of both of them came out and then they got married and baby is also going to happen. Seeing the two together in the film for the first time since this real love story of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir is like a visual treat for their fans. Although the chemistry between Ranbir and Alia in the film doesn’t impress much but fans are still happy to see them together. The love story of Shiva and Isha is also an important part in the film.

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This Indian film was at number three at the worldwide box office.
Not only the audience but the people of the industry are also surprised to see the stupendous box office collection of ‘Brahmastra’. The box office collection of ‘Brahmastra’ in India in the last 4 days (in all 5 languages) together stood at Rs 138.08 crore. On the other hand, the film, which released on Friday, has earned Rs 125.5 crore in Hindi only till Monday. At the same time, the film collected Rs 225 crore worldwide in three days and became the first Hindi film to top the worldwide box office weekend. Thalapathy Vijay’s ‘Master’ and S.S. ‘Brahmastra’ is the third Indian film after Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’ to perform well at the top worldwide box office.



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