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The villages of Malwa follow the age-old tradition, give food grains and take the gift of lamps from the potter

Report : Ankit Parmar

Indore. Lighting a lamp on the holy festival of Deepawali has a special significance. People light up their homes by lighting diyas. Diwali is the biggest festival of Sanatan culture according to Hindu beliefs. Many types of traditions are discharged in this festival, which has been going on for thousands of years. However, many traditions have changed over time and many traditions are facing the pressure of change.

Lighting earthen lamps has been a part of our tradition. In recent days, Chinese products have attacked this tradition. But amidst the prevalence of Chinese products and electrical goods, 100 percent eco-friendly Diwali is still celebrated in the villages of Malwa. People worship Goddess Lakshmi only by lighting diyas. Apart from this, the people of the village give wheat to the potters by not giving money instead of diyas. The tradition of buying and selling, which has been going on for thousands of years in the villages of Malwa, continues even today. Hundreds of years ago when there was no currency or rupee. Then the goods were exchanged from one item to another. But the hundreds of years old tradition of barter in rural areas continues even today.

The practice was started due to paucity of money

News18 Local spoke to the potters of Talawali village in Indore district. He told that this work has been going on for generations and will continue in future also. He told that it is not a very old thing that there was a shortage of money in the village. People used to keep crops or paddy at home, but there was no money. Therefore, this work, which has been going on for hundreds of years, is still done with traditional customs. He told that the villagers give wheat voluntarily. They have not fixed any limit for wheat. People give 5-7 kg of wheat from each house as per their wish. Instead, they give diyas according to the wishes of the villagers. Many people give 5 kg of wheat for 50 diyas, while many people give 5 kg instead of 100 diyas. It is a kind of Diwali gift, where instead of diyas, villagers voluntarily give gifts of wheat to the potter.

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