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The woman died during treatment, the body was kept in the ward for 6 hours, 2 innocent sons and daughters kept watching


Bundi’s Nainwan Hospital incident
There was silence due to the dead body being kept in the ward.
The innocent children of the woman kept on repeatedly pulling the draped over the dead body.

Bundi. A heart-wrenching incident has come to the fore in the Government Hospital of Nainwan in Bundi district of Rajasthan. Here after the death of a woman during treatment, her body was kept in the ward for 6 hours. During this, two children of the woman were sitting next to her. The children kept pulling the sheet covered over the dead body of the mother again and again and their grandmother kept refusing them. Seeing this scene, everyone present there shivered. But the body was not picked up from there without police action. Later, when the police came, that body was taken away from there.

According to the information, Shabana (20), who died due to illness, is in Nagarfort of Tonk district. Her in-laws are in Rewari, Haryana. Shabana’s brother Kalu told that her sister was having pain in her ribs on Sunday. Were taking him to Kota to show him. Came by auto from Nagarfort to Nainwan. Were sitting in a bus going from Nainwan to Kota. He was accompanied by his mother and other family members. But as soon as the bus left, Shabana’s health deteriorated, so they got down after stopping the bus.

The local police deployed a constable
Later, Shabana was taken to Nainwan Hospital. There the doctors started treatment but Shabana died shortly after. The police came from Nainwan police station at 2 pm. The police officer was informed about the deteriorating health and death of the sister. The police officer said that the information has been given to the Nagarfort Police. Take away the dead body only when the Nagarfort Police says. After that a police constable was posted there. After death, the dead body was kept among the patients in the ward.

Nagarfort police reached the hospital late in the evening
ASI Shankarlal Yadav of Nainwan police station told the in-charge of Nagarfort police station at 2.30 pm that the body of the woman has been kept in the hospital. Send someone from the police station for action. But no one came till five o’clock. The matter was informed to the higher authorities on this. The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nainwan spoke to the Deputy Superintendent of Police of Uniara. Only after that, in the late evening, Nagarfort Police Officer Prabhu Singh reached. The body was then picked up from the ward. After that the police took the dead body in possession and kept it in the mortuary.

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