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The world laughing at Janhvi Kapoor’s knowledge of mathematics, said- Ever since the calculator came, did not use algebra!

You remember, when Alia Bhatt took the name of ‘Prithviraj Chauhan’ when asked the name of the President of India on the show ‘Koffee With Karan’. Varun Dhawan was also with him. He took the name of Manmohan Singh. This clip became very viral on social media and people had fiercely classed these stars. Similarly, even when Ananya Pandey narrated the story of her ‘struggle’, she was greatly admired. He also ridiculed himself a lot by showing talent touching his nose with tongue. Although Bollywood celebrities answer everything very thoughtfully, but sometimes something comes out of their mouth, which becomes a controversy or they become a victim of trolls. Now the name of Janhvi Kapoor has also been added to this list.

Janhvi Kapoor is promoting her upcoming movie ‘Good Luck Jerry’ these days. In a recent interview, he talked about his favorite subject in school. During this, he said, ‘Maths just make you retarded’ i.e. ‘by studying maths you become retarded’. Now a class has been started on Janhvi’s social media regarding this matter.

Janhvi said this about maths

Janhvi Kapoor said, ‘I only cared about history and literature, in which I performed really well.’ He told that he does not like maths at all. She said, ‘I do not understand that since the calculator was invented, till date I have not used Algebra, so why did I break my head so much for this? At the same time, history and literature make you a civilized person. Maths makes you like a retard.’

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People’s comments on Janhvi’s video

people comment on janhvi kapoor

People’s comments on Janhvi’s video

This video went viral on seeing it. Users are commenting on this. One wrote, ‘Aryabhatta be like: Invented zero just to check your IQ.’ Another commented, ‘Watch the interview of Sushmita Sen and Shahrukh Khan. Avoid Ananya Janhvi Kapoor. The third wrote, ‘Not everyone is Sushant.’

Karan Johar criticized

Janhvi Kapoor was recently seen in Karan Johar’s chat show ‘Koffee With Karan 7’ with Sara Ali Khan. In this episode, there were allegations of bias against Karan. Due to this he was criticized for calling Janhvi hot and beautiful, while taking a jibe at Sara’s broken family. Even instead of congratulating Sara for losing the game, he went to Janhvi and hugged her and said that Janhvi will continue to get films.

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Will be seen in ‘Good Luck Jerry’

Janhvi Kapoor will be seen in the upcoming movie ‘Good Luck Jerry’. The film will release on July 29 on Disney Plus Hotstar. It stars Deepak Dobriyal. There are also stars like Neeraj Sood and Sushant Singh.


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