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Then at the age of 17, Rajneesh Duggal used to sell ball bearings, even today he is carrying out the responsibility of Nanihal.

Apart from many films like ‘1920’, ‘Dangerous Ishq’, ‘Ek Paheli Leela’, ‘Wajah Tum Ho’, Rajneesh Duggal, who got the title of supermodel, was also seen on TV in Khatron Ke Khiladi and Aarambh. These days he is in discussion about the serial Sanjog to be aired soon on the small screen. Apart from this show, soon he will also be seen in films and web series. A special conversation with him.

After working in films and OTT, why are you attracted to TV again?

After serials like ‘Aarambh’ and reality shows like ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’, I was getting countless fan mails from TV audiences. During that time I got the offer of ‘Sanjog’, I thought it was one of the top five production houses. My role is also strong. Before this serial I recently completed my five different projects. See, TV is such a space, which also gives you some time financial stability. As an artiste, you also want to play a good role and remain in the audience. But financial security is also important. I have my own family. I also have the responsibility of my maternal grandmother, so it is also important for me to keep the financial aspect strong. Let me tell you, I have been getting offers from TV continuously, but I have always run away from TV. Now this role caught me.

What’s special about your role in ‘Sanjog’?
When I got a call from Rashmi Sharma Productions and the creative team narrated the story to me, I sat with Pawan sir, I really enjoyed listening to the story and my character. To be honest, at that time I had another offer, which I was about to sign, but I found it more interesting. There are two mothers and children, but my character Rajiv is in the central role. My character Rajiv is of a calm nature. He loves his wife and mother very much. He has been married for 7 years and after that when he has a daughter, he proves to be a wonderful father. But what has happened in his life in the last seven years also affects his present. There are many layers to my character.

In personal life, what do you consider to be the biggest pleasure of your life?
‘Sanjog’ has played an important part in my life. Before joining this field, I was busy with only sports and studies. I also started working from a very young age. I used to sell ball bearings when I was 17. There used to be a salesman in Delhi’s Kashmere Gate. At that time I was doing BA Hons. I had never even thought about modeling and acting. When I turned twenty, I got an opportunity to attend a party in Delhi and in that party a choreographer from Delhi told me, you should be into modeling. I also had a cousin with me at that time. She also inspired me to take up modeling. I took part in a modeling assignment and after that it went on. I agree, coming to the party proved to be the biggest turning point of my life.

Today, when many thought-provoking subjects are coming on OTT after films, there are allegations of being regressive on TV, what would you like to say on this?

The handwriting of our show’s maker Rashmi Sharma is very strong. Now when it comes to choosing the subject, they know that the kind of subject matter, that kind of thinking is present in the message. We often look at subjects from the perspective of a metro city, but you can find such themes, thinking and characters in small villages and towns of the country and in the interior. That audience also has to cater to the maker. But in our serial you will get both the surroundings. On one side are the poor and dacoits of the past, on the other hand there are rich and educated people.

How did you evolve as a person after you achieved the title of Mr India in 2003 and after that many ups and downs and the recent pandemic?

I have evolved a lot. When you are becoming a father, you have a strong transformation as a person. You have a new birth of your own. Your roles and responsibilities change, but the lockdown taught a lot. My whole family had got covid. There was also the departure of people in the extended family. After that when things started becoming normal, I did my introspection and I thought what is the biggest thing in life? The biggest thing is happiness. I started taking humans and relationships more deeply. I have dreams and aspirations, but I want to be happy and give happiness to others.

You have been married for 12 years in your journey from supermodel to actor, but never read the news of your linkups etc.?
I think the bond of love between me and Pallavi (his wife) is very strong. I love my wife and daughter very much. Pallavi fully supports me in every work and whenever I get a break from my work, we start setting up the kitchen together. (laughs) Even this morning I was in the kitchen with him. Well, instead of support, it is an exchange of love. When we do something with all our heart, it becomes good, otherwise things go elsewhere.

Tell us about your upcoming projects?

‘Inspector Avinash’ is a web series. In this I am working with Randeep Hooda. ‘Revolt’, ‘The Revolt’ was finished earlier, it is now censored. This is part two of ‘Shudra: The Rising’ directed by Sanjeev Jaiswal. This is a film based on caste discrimination. In this I will see you in a very new avatar. There is another project whose tentative title is Fraud. In this, my character is of a person who remains silent for 24 hours. He is sent to jail due to a childhood accident and this triggers him and he becomes bent on drinking.




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