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There’s still a chance! RRR can go to Oscars, Rajamouli and team took this big step

SS Rajamouli’s film RRR was considered as a strong contender from India’s side at the Oscars 2023. There was a lot of discussion that this time RRR can be sent to the Oscars on behalf of the country. but that did not happen. Now ‘Chello Show’ will be sent by the country to Oscar 2023. It has been nominated for the Best International Feature Film category of the Oscars. Not only has the fans disappointed with ‘RRR’ not being sent to the Oscars, but the film’s team is also saddened. The team of RRR has now appealed to the academy to consider including the film in the ‘all category’. Not only this, the team of the film has now started the Oscar campaign for RRR. That is, there is still a chance that RRR can go to the Oscars.

Dylan Marchetti, President of Varian Films, one of the distributors of RRR, told Variety that in the last six months, we have seen how much happiness SS Rajamouli’s film ‘RRR’ has brought to audiences around the world. We saw how the film grossed $140 million worldwide. It became the first film in history to trend globally on Netflix. It became the first film to trend globally.

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The team of RRR made this appeal to the academy
Dylan, who is running the Oscar campaign for RRR in the US, further said, ‘We have heard from fans all over the world that this is the best film of the year. We also agree with this and we request the academy to look at RRR in all categories. The film will fight for a spot in the ‘Best Picture’ category. Apart from the Best Original Song (for Natu Natu) category, RRR may get a chance to be included in many more categories including Director, Screenplay, Cinematography, Production Design and Editing. According to Dylan, apart from the Best International Feature Film category, there are more than a dozen categories in which RRR can be included. Jr NTR and Ram Charan were in lead roles in this film.

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Varian Films launches RRR’s Oscar campaign in the US

Varian Films has now decided that it will be campaigning for RRR in full swing. Dylan said, ‘RRR is the best film not only in India this year but in the whole world. We will proceed accordingly. We want the members of the Academy to watch this film not only on the Academy Screening Portal but also in theatres. Right now, our focus is on garnering voters to watch the film as Rajamouli made it for the big screen. I think this film will benefit from the response and vibe given by the audience. But it is good no matter where you see it.’

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Chello Show’s entry in Oscars 2023
Let us tell you that everyone is shocked by the entry of ‘Chello Show’ in the Oscars. This Gujarati film was not named far and wide in the Oscar race. It was being discussed for a long time that either RRR will go to the Oscars or ‘The Kashmir Files’. But on September 20, the Federation of India announced the sending of ‘Chello Show’ from India for Oscar 2023. The film is directed by Pan Nalin. The story of the film is woven around a village child and his love for cinema.



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