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These 5 omen and bad omen are caused by the fall of a lizard in the house, identify with these signs


If the sound of lizard is heard while eating during the day, then good news is received.
If the lizard falls on the left hand then there can be loss of money.

Astrology Tips: Nature has created many mediums to make man aware of possible future events. Animals, birds and animals are also one of those mediums. Animals, birds and animals also inform us about the future events through many activities. At present, such things are not completely trusted, but in the Shagun Shastra, the description of the signals received from animals and birds etc. is clearly found. A common lizard found in everyone’s homes also indicates about many future events. All you need is to understand those signs. The residents of Bhopal are giving more information about this subject. Astrologer Acharya Vinod Soni Poddar.

Lizard gives information about possible future events

1. If a lizard falls on a person’s head or right hand, then there is a possibility of getting respect.

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2. If it falls on the left hand, then there can be loss of money and if the lizard climbs from the right side of a person and lands on the left side, then there is a possibility of promotion i.e. promotion and money gain.

3. While entering the new house, if the house owner sees the lizard dead and soiled, then the people residing in it can be sick. Such an omen is written in the scriptures. To avoid this bad omen, one should enter a new house only after worshiping according to the law.

4. If a lizard is found conversing, it may be possible to meet an old friend. If you see the lizard separating after cohabitation, then you may have to bear the grief of being separated from a loved one. If a lizard is seen fighting, it is possible to have a fight with an acquaintance.

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5. According to Shakun Shastra, if a lizard is heard while eating during the day, then it is a sign that soon some good news can be received or some auspicious results can be obtained. By the way, this incident is very rare, because the lizard speaks during most of the night.

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