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These signs tell when your good time will start, know this way


God gives some indication before the good times start.
There is also a mythological story about auspicious signs.

Good Time Signs: There are many such incidents in life, which indicate our good and bad days. But we do not recognize those signs or ignore them. It has been told in the scriptures that God already gives us signs for the coming tomorrow. Whether happiness is going to come in our life or bad days are about to start.

Pandit Indramani Ghansyal It is said that before knowing these auspicious signs, it is important to know about the mythology behind them.

what is legend

According to the scriptures, once upon a time Narada Muni went to meet Lord Krishna. Narad ji said, O Lord! How will a man know that a good time is about to come in his own life? Then Shri Krishna says that O Narada! When a good time is about to come for a person, I send some auspicious signs, which some understand and some remain unaware of these signs. Let us know which are those signs, which are indicative of our good times.

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  • If a white or yellow colored cow comes outside the house then it is considered very auspicious. We should feed roti to the cow, from which we get virtue.
  • When you see green vegetables, green grass while leaving the house, it means that your stuck work is going to be completed.

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  • If a bird is sitting in the house chirping and at the same time starts living in a nest, then it is a sign of getting some good news.
  • While going out of the house, if a vessel full of water is seen in the hand of a man or woman, then it is also considered auspicious for us.
  • Sometimes there is itching in our palm, then there can be monetary gains in the coming days.
  • If Mother Lakshmi ji gives darshan in your dream while sleeping, then understand that you are going to get financial benefits.

  • It is an auspicious sign even if suddenly a temple worship or aarti is heard. Similarly, the sight of a white pigeon in the house is also an auspicious sign of good times to come.

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