They ask how did I become so fair? Kajol revealed the secret of fair complexion, trollers stopped speaking

Mumbai: Bollywood’s bubbly actress Kajol may have turned 48 but her beauty is increasing instead of decreasing. Kajol, mother of teenage daughter Nysa, is getting glowing. She is often asked questions about Kajol’s dark complexion. By sharing a funny picture of her on social media, Kajol has given a befitting reply to those asking questions regarding fair skin.

Kajol has shared a photo of her on Instagram Story. In this photo, Kajol looks like a mask man wearing a black colored mask. She is seen wearing sunglasses. Kajol’s face is completely covered in this picture. While clicking this photo, Kajol felt that a better answer could not be given to those who asked questions about fair complexion.

Kajol revealed her fair complexion
Looking at Kajol’s picture, it seems as if the photo has been clicked after shopping from a shop. Because the price tag is also visible. Sharing her photo, the actress wrote in the caption, ‘For those who keep asking me how I became so fair. Along with this, hashtagged Sun Blocked and spfunbeatable with laughing emoji.

(Photo courtesy: kajol/Instagram)

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Kajol has been asked many times on dark complexion
Even though Kajol has written it jokingly, but has also given a strong reply to the trollers in a funny way. Kajol has been asked many times that earlier she used to look dark then how did she become fair now. Many times it was also said to get skin surgery or skin lightening done. While talking to Pinkvilla, once Kajol had said that ‘I have not done any skin whitening or surgery. I have survived the sun, I worked in the sun for 10 years of my life, due to which my skin got tanned. Now it is not working in sunlight so it is fine. This is not skin whitening surgery but surgery to stay at home.

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