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This attitude of actors and asked for fees, Subhash Ghai told 4 reasons, due to which Bollywood is lagging behind South

While South films are earning huge at the box office on one hand, Bollywood films are barely able to get their average. Kannada cinema movies have been back-to-back hits. Be it ‘KGF’ series, ‘Vikrant Rona’, ‘Charlie 777’ or ‘Kantara’. South’s films are crossing the 100 crore mark in a day or two of release, while Hindi films earn up to 50 crores ‘Nani Yaad Aa Rahi Hai’. The recently released films like ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Code Name Tiranga’ are examples of this. After all, what is the reason that Bollywood is so ‘backward’? What is it that has gripped Bollywood badly and is unable to be freed from its captivity even after wanting it? Director Subhash Ghai has revealed this.

Subhash Ghai talks to our partner ETimes on the 44th anniversary of his ‘Mukta Arts’ production house. In the interview, he talked about the difference between the working attitude of today and the stars of the past to the things that have made Bollywood a ‘dwarf’. Subhash Ghai also told that why South’s films are doing so much and Bollywood is proving to be completely laggy.

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Strong fees for stars, movies according to the stars

Subhash Ghai said, “Nowadays actors are demanding very heavy fees and producers bow down to them. It is as if a teacher is asking the student for his fee and what he will teach before even telling him. Watch South movies. Seeing him, it seems that the director has directed him. On seeing those films, you will understand that the actor has surrendered to his role. Meaning handed himself over to that role. But our industry is an industry of stars. It is run by film stars, not directors.

Importance of fees rather than story of actors, doing commercial in between shoots
Subhash Ghai further said, ‘I remember the days when I used to work with Rajinikanth. I cannot forget his dedication towards work, faith in God and respect. The actors of the nineties, like Shahrukh, Salman or Aamir… these people understand the importance of the story. They want the job to be done well. And they also know that then the money will also come. But today’s generation wants to work on their personal branding and fees first. That’s what he worries about. They think they have become a huge brand. He has a good number of people, who also tell him whether to look left or right. They seem to be soap-oil people who leave their shoots and go to do ads.

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Doing too much exposure is bad
Subhash Ghai said that now the days are gone when actors used to have a challenging scene, they could not sleep for two days. But today’s actors leave the film in the middle to do commercials. Shoots the commercial and then comes to the sets of the film after a gap. Does it matter? When asked this, Subhash Ghai said, ‘It will make a difference, will it not? Have you ever heard that Rajesh Khanna or Anil Kapoor used to do ads in their early days? When you come home from the theatre, the actor is selling oil. You start thinking what has happened to it? Today’s actors are getting more exposure. These people are always on TV. His personal life is in front of everyone. Because of this the distinction between everything disappears. I will not say that he is over-exposed, but I will say that he is very deeply exposed.

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Told how the situation of Bollywood can improve
When Subhash Ghai was asked how the current situation in Bollywood can be improved? So he said, ‘Since the name Bollywood has been kept, the problem has started. Their faces have turned towards Hollywood. Now those people who think in English are writing the story of films. How will such films appeal to people again? How will people join them? They talk about God and family, but where is the connection? We too are now being influenced by western culture and are becoming like that. Knowing the world through social media is a great thing. But when you are making a film for India you cannot think like a foreigner. Don’t bring outside story here. Of course, do better in technology, bring new things, but the DNA and emotion that is there should be of the country itself.



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