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This boy who looks Champu is Bhojpuri’s brother, wife commits suicide, girlfriend has accused, who is the identity?

Someone has rightly said, ‘Every picture says something.’ Old pictures of a Bhojpuri superstar are becoming increasingly viral on social media. It is said that social media has mastered in uprooting the dead. The same thing happened after these pictures came to the fore. From wife’s suicide to girlfriend’s serious allegations, old photographs fueled every case. Let us introduce you to this superstar and also show his pictures.

Picture taken from old album of Pawan Singh

Old pictures of a Bhojpuri star got caught in the hands of fans on Instagram. This actor is famous for his domineering style and outspoken talk in the Bhojpuri industry. If after so many hints you still can’t recognize them, then we help you. Actually, this boy who is seen absorbed in the pictures is none other than Powerstar ‘Pawan Singh’.

18 year old photo viral
Pawan Singh, who made his acting debut in the year 2004 with ‘Rangali Chunariya Tohre Naam’, saw many ups and downs in his film career. Very few people know that Pawan Singh made his debut in Bhojpuri with the song ‘Odhaniya Wali’ in 1997 itself. Many pictures going viral on social media have been taken from this album. After this song, as an actor and singer, Pawan did more than one film and song in the name of Bhojpuri. Today Pawan Singh’s name is his identity.

pawan singh songs

old photo of pawan singh

Wife commits suicide after 6 months of marriage
Pawan Singh took seven rounds with Neelam in the year 2014, but only after 6 months of marriage, the actor’s first wife committed suicide by hanging from the fan. Many people consider the churches of Pawan’s extra-marital affair as the reason for Neelam’s death.

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Pawan Singh with friends

Girlfriend made serious allegations
Everyone is aware of the news of Bhojpuri queen Akshara Singh and Pawan Singh’s affair. The actress herself had also stamped her relationship with Pawan. But only a few years later, Akshara had made many serious allegations against the actor like abusing, drinking and beating and locking him in the room. After that these two never worked together.

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Pawan Singh has been a part of many controversies

Sania Mirza fed the jail air
In the beginning of his career, Pawan Singh used to sing albums. In this episode, the actor released the song ‘Sania Mirza Cut Nathuniya Jaan Marele’ based on Sania Mirza. Sania Mirza objected to this song and also filed a case against the actor. Pawan Singh had to stay in jail for a day because of just one song.

second wife filed for divorce
The pair of Akshara Singh and Pawan Singh has been one of the hit pairs of Bhojpuri. From 2015 to 2018, both worked together in many films and songs but suddenly in 2018 the actor married Jyoti Singh. After this Akshara Singh and Pawan Singh parted ways. After the death of the first wife, the actor’s life had come back on track when another new controversy turned to Pawan’s house. Recently, the actor’s wife Jyoti Singh has filed for divorce in the court. Apart from this, Jyoti has also accused Pawan Singh of harassment.

Collage Maker-08-Sep-2022-05.21-PM

Pawan Singh has gone to jail because of Sania Mirza

Pawan’s war of words with Khesari
The story of the war of words between two Bhojpuri artists is an old one. The names of these two are Pawan Singh and Khesari Lal Yadav. Both the stars keep clashing with each other, from Facebook Live to live stage shows. This is the reason that their fans are also often seen colliding with each other. In an interview, Nirhua had said that this is mutual love between these two. But to be honest, Bhojpuri fans find this love less and more wrangling.




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