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This girl will not come in anyone’s hands… Tina Dutta is the most cunning contestant of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, she is like this!

Everyday in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is full of fights. Someone or the other is seen taking out his anger on someone. Recently a heart-wrenching fight took place in the Bigg Boss house, which was between Stan and Shaleen. But all the family members entered in it. Actually it happened in the house that Tina’s leg got hurt first and both Stan and Shaleen came to save her. Both wanted to see Tina but they clashed with each other as to who is doing what to them. Shaleen doesn’t like Stan grabbing Tina. That’s why he left from there abusing and this matter took a dreadful form.

Shiv comes between Shaleen and Stan
There was a heated argument between MC Stan and Shalin Bhanot and Shiv also came because of it. He grabbed Shaleen by the throat and pushed him. After this some people started speaking in favor of Shaleen. But Shaleen seems to have made up her mind that either she will go out of the house or Stan or Shiv. For this, Tina (Tina Datta), Stan and Shaleen were also called in the confession room, where Tina was asked by Bigg Boss that which of the two was wrong and who should go out.

Shaleen lost his temper
To this Tina said that she finds both equally wrong and she is not taking sides in this. On his saying this, Bigg Boss asked Stan to stay in the house but after that Shaleen started saying like crazy that he has to go out of the house. He didn’t listen to anyone and decided to take a voluntary exit from the house. Amidst all this, Tina has become wrong on social media, but seeing the whole issue, how can anyone say that she is wrong. Sheer false allegations are being leveled against him.

Tina went wrong if she didn’t haughtily
Tina is not wrong because she is a very fit contestant for Bigg Boss. Tina is not wrong because she supported the right. Tina is not wrong because she understood the whole issue and stood on one thing and did not put her friendship with Shaleen above everything else. Tina Dutta has emerged so prominently for the first time in the Bigg Boss house and has put forth a strong side of her own. Tina has looked most perfect in the episode so far. Because Tina has taken a solid decision. Along with this, Tina scolds Sumbul as well because what she is doing is very childish and crazy.

Tina was perfect
Tina stood by her right till the end. She has proved that she is the most mature and settled contestant of Bigg Boss. Tina Dutta has also played her game and stood by the right. No person can say in anger and bullying that things are right according to him, which Shaleen did. And Tina turned her back on this, so she went wrong. She has become the one who takes advantage. Why! What Tina did was absolutely right. Whether you want to stand with your friends or support the right, either you want to throw an arrogant person like Shaleen on the ground. She was absolutely right.

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