This NGO came out in support of Raveena Tandon, defended the actress in Satpura Tiger Reserve controversy

Raveena Tandon Tiger Reserve Controversy: Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon has come under controversy for doing photography and videography in Satpura Tiger Reserve of Madhya Pradesh. Raveena Tandon had recently gone for a walk in the Churna forest of Satpura National Park. In such a situation, Raveena’s difficulties seem to be increasing because of taking the vehicle out of the vehicle protected area and taking photos and videos from close range of Tiger. In such a situation, an NGO named Wildlance Eco Foundation has come to the rescue of Raveena Tandon.

This group came to the rescue of Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon’s name in the Satpura Tiger Reserve controversy is in headlines these days. Meanwhile, NGO Wildlance Eco Foundation has come forward in support of NGO Raveena Tandon. This NGO has recently made a tweet on its official Twitter handle. In this tweet, this group has written – The vehicle’s proximity to the Tiger is indeed full of flaws, Gypsies run on roads fixed by an authorized guide and driver. The tiger moves freely and a trained driver cannot react to the sudden reaction of the tiger which excites him. This tweet of this NGO has been retweeted by Bollywood veteran actress Raveena Tandon and has said thank you.

Why controversy broke out in the name of Raveena Tandon

On November 25, Raveena Tandon reached the Tiger Reserve of Satpura in Madhya Pradesh during the Jungle Safari. Meanwhile, Raveena Tandon has done photography and videography in the forest of Ghurna by going through a vehicle close to the tiger. Raveena shared the photo-video of this occasion on social media. After this, it was found that Raveena Tandon’s name has become a hot topic for taking a vehicle on the restricted Tiger Road so close to Tiger and taking photographs. Please tell that according to STR, wild animals can be seen and their pictures can be clicked only from a fixed and proper distance.

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