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This temple of Goddess Lakshmi was built by demons, was given a boon to be together forever


There is a unique temple of Maa Lakshmi in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
The area was named Kolhapur after the name of the Kolha demon.

kolhapur laxmi templeEveryone must have heard about Kolhapur in Maharashtra and its Mahalaxmi temple. But do you know that Kolhapur and its temple are named after a demon? Maybe not. But today we are going to tell you the same story related to Maa Lakshmi which is related to the construction of Shakti Peeth Mahalaxmi temple with Kolhapur.

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this is the story

Pandit Ramchandra Joshi It is said that according to mythology, there was a demon named Kolha in the ancient Kolha kingdom. Who went to Lord Brahma to do penance. Then a demon named Suketi started torturing the subjects in his kingdom. When Kolha returned after doing penance, he fought with Suketi and killed her. After that Kolha made his son Karvira the king here. When Karveera started more atrocities, she was killed by Lord Shiva in a battle. After this, Kolha worshiped Mata Lakshmi and sought a boon from her mother that she would not enter the kingdom with the age of one hundred years. Mother blessed. After this Kolha started killing his own subjects. Praja kept calling Mata Lakshmi but the mother bound in the boon could not help. At the end of a hundred years, the mother killed Kolha in the form of Durga.

Mother Lakshmi gave three blessings to Kolha
According to the legend, before killing Kolha, the mother gave him three boons. In which the name of one Kolha was to be Kolhapur. The second was for the mother to stay from the same temple and the third was to listen to the calls of the devotees. It is believed that since then Mother Lakshmi has been residing in the temple of Kolhapur. , Which was built by Kolha and his brother. This temple was discovered in the 1009th century. Which was rebuilt by the later kings.

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