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Those 5 songs of Rani Chatterjee who accused Sajid Khan in which the actress crossed the limits of boldness! See

Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee has been in the news a lot after accusing director Sajid Khan on the previous day. He has accused her of touching inappropriately and doing obscene acts. She has worked in many films in Bhojpuri and is also very much discussed due to her bold acts. Do you know that the actress who accused Sajid has crossed the limits of boldness in her songs. She has given very bold scenes in web series like ‘Mastram’, which you cannot watch with family at all. In such a situation, we are introducing you to some of his songs, in which he has crossed the limits of boldness. See…

‘The heat extinguished the queen Chala Dutala’
Bhojpuri Song ‘Garmi Buzhala Rani Chala Dutala’ has been filmed on Yash Kumar with Rani Chatterjee. In this, very bold scenes have been filmed between the two, as well as the lyrics of the song are also going to be very awkward to hear.

‘Rimjhim Barsela Sawan’
The actress can be seen quite bold in the song ‘Rimjhim Barsela Sawan’ filmed on Rani Chatterjee and Ravi Kishan. She is seen in a very romantic mood with Ravi amidst the drizzle of rain. This is very bold. This song has been shot in the movie ‘Jwalamandi’.

‘Kaisan Piwa Ke Charit Ba’
Many songs have been filmed on the actress in Rani Chatterjee’s hit film ‘Devra Bada Satavela’, in which Ravi Kishan is seen with her. One of these is Rani’s song ‘Kaisan Piwa Ke Charitar Ba’ (Aai Ho Dada), in which she is seen being very bold.

‘Milky Gorai’
Apart from this, Rani Chatterjee’s song is ‘Dudhiya Gorai’, in which the actress has been seen quite bold in the rain. In this, she was seen adding a touch of boldness while romancing Aditya Ojha in a mini skirt.

‘Saiya early Lales would have tickled ji’
The song ‘Saiya Jaldi Lels Gudgudi Hota Ji’ picturized on Rani Chatterjee and Rakesh Mishra is very bold. In this, the actress can be seen being cozy with her co-actor. His song is from ‘Jai Mehraru Jai Sasurari’.

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