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Till the employees are not paid…, Jharkhand High Court stopped the salary of IAS by making a scathing remark

Ranchi. The Jharkhand High Court, while giving an important decision on Friday, banned the salary of IAS officer and Transport Secretary KK Son. The whole matter is related to the salary and other payments of the employees of the Transport Department. Regarding which the Single Bench of the Jharkhand High Court had issued its order in this regard three years ago.

During the hearing on Friday, the Jharkhand High Court asked Transport Secretary KK Son why salaries and other payments were not made to the employees despite the court’s order. On which the answer was presented before the court on behalf of Transport Secretary KK Son and the advocate of the state government. But the court was not satisfied with his reply.

However, the Transport Secretary himself was present during the hearing in the court. The court said that till the salary of the employees of the department is not paid, the salary of the departmental secretary will also be withheld.

In fact, in this case, the Single Bench had ordered in favor of the departmental employees three years ago. Therefore, on Friday, the hearing of the content petition was held in the court of Justice Dr. SN Pathak in this matter. On non-compliance of the order in this case, the court considered it to be contempt and showed its strong stand on it.

Obviously, after this decision of the court, there has been a hope for the employees of the department regarding their salary and other payments. In this case, contempt was filed in the court on behalf of Nihal Khan and others.

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