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Today’s Horoscope: The enthusiasm of the people of Libra will increase, the people of Scorpio and Sagittarius should be careful

In general, health will be good today. The health of the sick person will also improve. You will spend time in the atmosphere of happiness and peace at home. Enthusiasm will increase due to success and success in work. You will get beneficial news in the job and will get the support of colleagues. Will meet friends. Opponents and competitors will be defeated.

Your day is moderately fruitful. Students can get success in practice. Do not start new work today. Today will be a favorable day for financial planning. Hard work will prove fruitful. Still, stay away from share-betting. It is better to postpone the trip.

Today there will be apathy in the mind. There will be lack of freshness in the body and happiness in the mind. There can be tension in the conversation with family members. Take care that your self-esteem is not broken. Money is the sum of loss. Do the work of land and vehicles etc. carefully. Stay away from court work.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 12, 2022, 05:20 IST



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