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Today’s Panchang, 29 September 2022: Worship Maa Kushmanda today, know auspicious and inauspicious times and Rahukal


Today is the Chaturthi date of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month.
Today there is also worship of Maa Kushmanda and Vinayaka Chaturthi fast.

Today’s Panchang (Aaj Ka Panchang): Today 29th September is Thursday. Today is the Chaturthi date of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. Today is the fourth day of Sharadiya Navratri. Today, the fourth form of Maa Durga is worshiped by Maa Kushmanda. Kushmanda means pot. It is on this that the name of Mother Goddess is Kushmanda. Worshiping Maa Kushmanda brings life and fame. Today is also Vinayaka Chaturthi fast of Ashwin month. On Vinayaka Chaturthi, Lord Ganesha is worshiped during the day because the sight of the moon is avoided on this day. There is a fear of getting a false stigma due to the sight of the moon today. If you are fasting on Chaturthi today, then worship Lord Ganesha properly. Worship them by offering Durva, Modak, Paan, Betel nut, Sindoor, Akshat, Dhoop, Deep, Gandh etc. to them. With the grace of Lord Ganesha, all your work will be successful and your wishes will also be fulfilled.

Thursday is also the day of worship of Lord Vishnu and Dev Guru Brihaspati. Today you can get the blessings of other gods and goddesses by observing a fast. Today, you should offer yellow flowers, yellow clothes, turmeric, banana, basil leaf, Panchamrit, Akshat, incense, lamp, smell etc. to Lord Vishnu and Jupiter. After this one can recite Vishnu Chalisa, Vishnu Sahasranama, Shri Brihaspati Chalisa etc. After that you perform aarti of all of them and get their blessings. By the grace of Lord Vishnu, married life will be happy and marriageable people will be able to get married. There will also be chances of auspicious works in the family. Donating turmeric and yellow items today will remove planetary defects. Let’s learn from Panchang today
Know the auspicious and inauspicious time and how will be the position of the planets today.

Panchang of 29 September 2022
Today’s date – Ashwin Shukla Chaturthi
Today’s Karan – Vanij
Today’s Nakshatra – Swati
Today’s Yoga – Viskumbh
Today’s Paksha – Shukla
Today’s War – Thursday

Sunrise-sunset and moonrise-moonset times
Sunrise – 06:30:00 AM
Sunset – 06:29:00 PM
Moonrise – 09:22:59
Moonset – 20:22:59
Moon sign – Libra

Hindu month and year
Shaka Samvat – 1944 auspicious
Vikram Samvat – 2079
Kali Samvat – 5123
Day Time – 11:57:22
Month Amant – Ashwin
Month Purnimant – Ashwin
Auspicious time – 11:47:27 to 12:35:16

Inauspicious time (inauspicious time)
Wicked Muhurta – 10:11:48 to 10:59:37, 14:58:45 to 15:46:34
Kulik – 10:11:48 to 10:59:37
Kantak – 14:58:45 to 15:46:34
Rahu Kaal – 13:59 to 15:29
Kalvela/Ardhyayam – 16:34:24 to 17:22:13
Hours – 07:00:30 to 07:48:19
Yamgand – From 06:12:41 to 07:42:21
Gulik Call – 09:30 to 10:59

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