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Twinkle Khanna now spoke on the controversial photos of Ranveer Singh, closed the mouth of those making noise

Twinkle Khanna On Ranveer Singh Photos: Former actress Twinkle Khanna, who is most discussed in Bollywood with her outspoken statements, has written a long post. He has written this post in support of actor Ranveer Singh. Recently, the actor had got a nude photoshoot done, on which there was a lot of uproar. After the controversy escalated, some celebrities supported Ranveer. Now Twinkle also came out in support of Ranveer. However, the actress has given her reaction after the matter has cooled down. He said that Ranveer’s pictures are under-exposed and despite looking through binoculars or zooming in, he could not see anything.

Twinkle Khanna has written a long post on Instagram. He told about the history of nudity and nude pictures in the world. The actress wrote, “The first nudist colony in the world was reportedly located in Thane in 1891, the fellowship of the Naked Trust did not allow clothing there, although people could wear their glasses there. Following similar nude photos, Our Ranveer Singh has posed for some nude photos. These pictures of him have been in the news. FIRs were filed against him, debates on television and even parody was made on this photoshoot of him, while in that photoshoot we are talking about him. Only the back of the body can be seen.”

The actress wrote that Vidya Balan who has always been a target for spreading such obscenity and nudity like most actresses. He has also described the pictures of Ranveer Singh as the best. When asked about his reaction, he had quipped ‘What’s the problem? Let us also bake our eyes, don’t you?

Twinkle jokingly expressed her disappointment over not seeing anything in Ranveer’s pictures in this post. She jokingly wrote, “I can assure the morally offended that when we are not advocating for The Naked Trust to start our fellowship. A large number of women are not disappointed by these pictures. We only need one The only complaint is. Ranveer Singh’s photos look underexposed, rather than over-exposure. Even with magnifying glasses, binoculars and spectacles, I couldn’t see anything.”

She also said that while she was zooming in on Ranveer Singh’s photo for research, her son Aarav came there and she was embarrassed by it. Because they had to find something objectionable in these pictures which they could not find. Twinkle Khanna has praised Ranveer Singh, who has been in controversies for getting a nude photoshoot done.

Earlier, Vidya Balan also said that she too has no problem with Ranveer Singh’s nude photoshoot. Twinkle has included Vidya’s statement in her post. However, Ranveer Singh took off his clothes for the paper magazine and got a nude photoshoot done. It was an artistic photoshoot. In this, Ranveer was sometimes seen presenting dance expressions and sometimes he would pose while sitting quietly. But some people did not like these pictures on social media. Many people trolled him and an FIR was also registered against him for spreading obscenity.


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