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Uncle, oh uncle of Bigg Boss! Before giving knowledge to others, it will be better if you include these 8 raitas.

When the 16th season of ‘Bigg Boss’ started, it was promoted by saying that this time the game would be played by Bigg Boss himself. He will make the contestants dance. Bigg Boss is playing this time, but in this affair he has got himself in trouble. Bhad is beating, so different. 6 weeks have passed since ‘Bigg Boss 16’ started. But in these weeks, there was no such ‘master stroke’ of Bigg Boss which was not ‘biased’. We are not only saying this, but this is being discussed on social media. Along with the audience, some contestants inside the house have accused ‘Bigg Boss’ of being biased. Soundarya has been seen saying this many times. Big Boss himself made the rules and himself is engaged in breaking them, which everyone has seen. Looking at the game played by Bigg Boss this week, it is being said that Bigg Boss should be nominated as he has been the most ‘biased’ and is getting himself harassed.

How Bigg Boss is getting himself into trouble this time in the process of playing himself and how his ‘weight’ is decreasing, let’s tell:

1. ‘Fade’ line up of contestants

The biggest reason for this is the line up of the contestants. This time i.e. in ‘Bigg Boss 16’, there is no such contestant who is strong. Barring Archana Gautam, Shiv Thackeray and Abdu Rojic, the rest of the contestants do not have much strength. Neither any task is happening in the house this time nor the family members are doing anything. For six weeks, all the contestants have been fighting only over food and chicken. The melody of Shaleen Bhanot’s ‘Chicken Chicken’ so disturbed the audience that they have named him ‘Chicken Bhanot’. Sumbul Tauqeer is the highest paid contestant of this season. At the premiere of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Sumbul had shown a lot of power, but she was completely furious after going inside the house.

Sajid Khan: Bigg Boss is biased! Did the makers play a hypocritical game to make Sajid Khan the captain?

2. Eviction of only 3 contestants in six weeks
It has always happened in ‘Bigg Boss’ that if there is no eviction in the first week, then the process of evicting the contestants starts from the second week. Diwali is the only occasion when there is no eviction. But this season the limit has been reached. Six weeks have passed and only three contestants (Srajita Dey, Manya Singh and Gori Nagori) have been evicted in these days. Ideally, there should have been 6 evictions in 6 weeks, but only 3 contestants were evicted. It was said that these three got the least number of votes and had less contribution in the show. If this is the case, then this time there are some other contestants in Bigg Boss house, who have not made any contribution since day one, but they have always been able to escape from being evicted. Whenever it came to the eviction of those contestants, it was postponed or a twist was given in the name of the task. People also raised questions regarding this.

Bigg Boss 16: Sajid Khan exposed Shiv Thackeray, had already planned!

3. No Wild Card Entry
The second reason due to which ‘Bigg Boss’ Aan, Baan and Shaan has become the talk of the town is the wild card entry. A month and a half has passed since ‘Bigg Boss 16’ started, but there is no wild card entry yet. While the entire season itself ends in 3 months. But till now there is neither any discussion of wild card entry nor any rumor. Yes, a few weeks ago there were reports of wild card entry of Abdu Rogik and Raiwal Hasbulla, but they are still only news. The question in everyone’s mind is why there is no wild card entry in the show till now? When will the makers bring new faces in the show? When will we get to see some new tadka.

4. Big Boss breaks its own rules
Bigg Boss may not bring any wild card entry, but he himself should play the game properly. By the way, Bigg Boss and the makers keep teaching the rules and regulations to the family members. He has always been saying that the housemates will get the harshest punishment for breaking the rules. But if seen, if anyone has violated the most rules in this season, then it is Bigg Boss himself. Whether it is to bring back Archana Gautam, who was expelled after committing violence, or Sajid Khan openly smoking cigarettes or talking about the outside world. If you remember, it was Bigg Boss who called Srijita and Tina in the confession room and exposed them by mentioning their quarrel in the outside world. But when Shiv Thackeray provoked Archana by doing the same thing, Shiv went wrong and Archana was right.

Bigg Boss 16 Contestant Ranking- Week 6: Loss to Abdu and Archana, Shiv Thackeray shines again

5. Questions raised on Bigg Boss regarding violence
Umar Riaz and Eijaz Khan also raised questions on Bigg Boss and asked why he was thrown out of the house when he was accused of violence in the Bigg Boss house. Then why was Archana Gautam called back? In ‘Bigg Boss 15’ Umar Riaz was thrown out of the house accusing him of violence with Simba Nagpal. But Archana was called back. Umar Riaz raised questions on Bigg Boss that why there were different rules for him regarding violence?

Shiv Thakare: Shiv Thackeray did nothing wrong, Archana Gautam turns out to be the real idiot!

6. Bigg Boss not sticking to his own decision
Similarly, in the recent episode (14th November) when Sajid Khan was smoking cigarette in the open area in front of everyone, Bigg Boss did not reprimand him even once. While Shaleen Bhanot smoked cigarettes in the open, she was reprimanded by Bigg Boss. The talk of Bigg Boss being ‘biased’ is not limited to this. Bigg Boss should have either scolded or punished Sajid for smoking cigarettes in the open. But he made Sajid Khan the tour guide in the captaincy task.

Bigg Boss is ‘two-faced’? Like Archana, these 6 contestants had a fight, were thrown out, then called back
7. Accused of defending Sajid

Bigg Boss has been seen saving Sajid Khan from nomination since day one. Every task is designed in such a way that it goes round and round in Sajid’s favour. The result of the recent captaincy task was also the same. Bigg Boss also knew somewhere that by making Sajid a tour guide, he would support the people of his own group and may even become the captain. Same happened, Sajid Khan became the captain. Not only was he saved from being evicted, he also saved Shiv, Abdu Rojik, Shaleen, Stan and Nimrit from nominations.

Bigg Boss 16 Ranking: Abdu and Archana’s ranking fall, Soundarya’s entry in top-5, tough fight for number-1

8. Big Boss’s ‘weight’ reduced due to playing himself
Of course ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is being liked a lot, but the curiosity about ‘Bigg Boss’ itself remained. The way everyone was eager to hear the voice of Bigg Boss and the way Bigg Boss’s awe was visible, it is missing this time. Earlier, whenever the voice of Bigg Boss used to echo in the house, everyone used to get scared. When the call for the confession room used to come, there would be pangs of pain in the chest that I do not know what will happen now. But now the contestants have started taking Big Boss lightly. Whenever Bigg Boss scolds or punishes any contestant, everyone starts laughing. After the return of Archana Gautam, the enthusiasm about Bigg Boss has cooled even more. No one can see any difference. In a recent episode, when Bigg Boss refused to send cigarettes to the housemates, Archana started taking jibes at him. Archana Gautam had said that it is good, Bigg Boss will not send cigarettes now. On this, Sajid Khan told Tapak that when Bigg Boss brings you back, then cigarettes will also come.

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