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Unique love story: Mother of 5 children did love marriage, lover also has five children, 10 children got upset


The matter is of Sadar police station area of ​​Alwar
lover’s father evicted him from the family

Alwar. A unique case of love marriage has come to light in Rajasthan. Here a woman left her husband and five children and got married with her lover. The woman’s lover also has five children. From this marriage, 10 children have been deprived of the love of their mothers. The woman has handed over her children to the Child Welfare Committee. At the same time, the five children of the lover and his first wife have been kept by their grandparents. The lover’s father has evicted him from the family, frustrated by the son’s move.

According to the police, the matter is related to the Sadar police station area of ​​Alwar district of Rajasthan. Nur Jahan, a resident of Tawadu, Haryana, was married in the year 2007 with Tyeb Khan, a resident of Jajor Ka Bas of Sadar police station area of ​​Alwar district. After 15 years of marriage, Noor Jahan left her 5 children and married her lover Mausam Khan (30), a resident of Tuleda village in Alwar. Mausam Khan is also married. He also has 5 children.

When the mother started leaving, the children cried
When Noor Jahan left her children with the members of the Child Protection Commission and started going to her house with her lover, the children started crying. They started running after mother. But the members of the police and child welfare committee were left helpless. He sent the children to the kindergarten. On the other hand, after marrying her beloved by Mausam, her parents have kept their grandchildren and daughter-in-law with them. He has evicted Mausam from the family by giving a report to the Sadar police station.

The lover was evicted from the family by his father
Mausam’s father told the police that if the person did not have his wife and children, then what would happen to the elderly parents. That is why we have abandoned him by evicting him from the house and property. ASI Brahm Prakash of Sadar police station of Alwar told that Noor Jahan and Mausam Khan had come to Alwar on Thursday night with protection through the Jaipur High Court. Noor Jahan says that she got married 3 months ago in Jaipur of her own free will. Now she wants to hand over 4 children to the Child Protection Committee. A child is in Haryana. He works there.

Noorjahan bid ex-husband tolerated for many years
Sadar Police Station and Child Welfare Committee tried hard to convince Noor Jahan. On this, at first she agreed to keep the children with her, then she turned back. Noor Jahan accused her ex-husband that he used to drive a truck. He would come home and return. He did not take care of her nor the children. He drinks alcohol everyday. In such a situation, many years tolerated him. but not now

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