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Urfi Javed’s strong advice to Jaya Bachchan – Respect does not come from being big or strong in age

Recently a video of Jaya Bachchan surfaced, in which Jaya Bachchan came with granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda at the airport. During this, when a paparazzi was trying to click his pictures, he stumbled and he kept falling. On this, instead of asking her condition, Jaya said that it was good that this happened to her. She hopes that he falls twice more. Seeing this video, the users were furious at Jaya Bachchan and heard a lot. Now Urfi Javed has also vented anger on Jaya Bachchan.

Urfi Javed has told people that they should never become like Jaya Bachchan and also gave an advice to the actress. Urfi Javed shared a video featuring Jaya Bachchan and paparazzi on his Instagram story and shared his reaction together.

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Urfi wrote- Don’t you guys be like Jaya Bachchan

Urfi Javed wrote, ‘Did he really say that you fall again? Please don’t be like them all. We hope we all just rise up. Be it behind the camera or in front. People will not respect you just because you are older or more powerful. Rather people will respect you only if you are nice to them.

urfi javad post

Urfi Javed’s post

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Urfi said – I may lose work opportunities because of this
Urfi Javed wrote another note that she avoids publicly expressing her opinion in most cases, but she cannot control herself. So where and when she feels it necessary, she expresses her views. He wrote, ‘Trust me I hate having my own views. But I can’t control my mouth. I know that I am missing out on job opportunities like this. But does not remain silent. I think you keep quiet on issues that don’t matter to you. It shows how you are. There is electricity and water in our house, so why should we speak for those who do not come to their homes? This sounds like the same thing to me.’

On the other hand, whenever Urfi Javed is seen, she treats the paparazzi well. On many occasions, he also fed sweets to the paparazzi and celebrated his birthday with them.



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