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Urvashi Aggarwal Muktaka of ‘Urvi’ – ‘This Diwali happens daily on our borders’

On the occasion of Deepawali, Urvashi Aggarwal ‘Urvi’ is describing how Diwali is for soldiers stationed on the border and due to the alertness of the soldiers, the countrymen celebrate a safe Deepotsav.

There is no shadow of fear, nor is the night dark,
They are soldiers of the country, Diwali is in their eyes.

Go home on Diwali, the heart does theirs too,
But they have to guard the border.

The crops of emotion are kept safe like this
In gunpowder season, the gun is handy.

If the sacrifice is on the land, if it is wrapped in the tricolor,
This thing about the heroes of these countries is unique.

Gives blood, is ready to behead,
In the eyes of every person, there is a mother with a Khapar.

If the eyes are dirty, they break their eyes!
Enemies leave alone to suffer!!
Whatever our heart does to celebrate Diwali,
Leave two or four shells towards Karachi!

These chest taunts in defense of the motherland
The thorax of the rocks break into their own rocks!
Aman Suman Nit Khile Chaman, every house is Diwali every day,
This is the thought that the soldiers of India burn as a lamp!

Dr. Om Nischal’s Deepawali Song – ‘Chowmukh Darwaza Par Balungi Mein Diya’

The night of the country is a black day in protection
This tricolor also gets red with blood everyday!
You celebrate Diwali only on one day in a year,
This Diwali happens every day on our borders!!

It is this cruel poverty, it has compulsions on it,
The dry puris came again in my part.
How can I celebrate Deepawali full of lights,
The wages do not even fill the stomach for two times.

If man can identify with man,
So this poor thing should be a guest of a moment!
If the smile is on Sudama’s balance,
Make the way from the palace to the hut easy!

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