Users could not digest seeing Urfi Javed’s bent eyes and simplicity, said – Hindustani Bhau is amazing

Whether someone is in the news or not, but your most favorite Urfi Javed definitely remains in the headlines. She definitely does something or the other, due to which people talk about her and she does not hesitate to do so. Sometimes she speaks on the issues of the country and sometimes she draws everyone’s attention by talking about women’s rights. However, most of the time she remains in the limelight for her clothes and replying to trolls. Once again she is making headlines for her latest reels.

Actually, Urfi Javed shuts the mouth of those people, who first raises the finger on them. Also comments about their clothes. Recently Hindustani Bhau threatened Urfi. He had said that he should improve or else he will improve. Basically Bhau was advising Urfi to dress properly. After which Urfi Javed had done his class well. Urfi had said that he did not give media attention to Bhau, due to which now he started having problems with clothes. This thing had come and gone that now Urfi did something that people remembered Bhau.

Uorfi Javed Video: Who is Urfi Javed’s fashion designer? Who saved the honor of the actress in the latest photoshoot
Urfi Javed is looking amazing
It happened that Urfi Javed shared a new reel on Instagram. In this, she is seen in a light pink Anarkali suit. Along with this, he has also put a chandelier dice in his head. Not only this, he has also covered the chunni of the suit on his head. Meaning she is seen completely covered. Posting the video, she wrote the caption – Just because I love Hala and Haniya very much.

Uorfi Javed: Go better, or else I… – Bifri aka Javed after the threat from Hindustani Bhau, gave a befitting reply
People praised Urfi Javed
At the same time, users commented. One wrote – Saw Bhau’s amazing, shook Urfi. She got scared. Got dressed. Wow brother. At the same time, the other wrote – Now it seems that the child of a Muslim is because Bhau is amazing. One wrote – Looking good for the first time. One wrote – Man you are looking so cute. One wrote – Hindustani Bhau gave reforms. Wow brother One said- How beautiful are you looking in these reels.

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