Users furious after seeing Nimrit’s ‘cheap game’ under the guise of friendship with Sumbul

As the finale of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is getting closer, the real faces of the housemates have started appearing. Till now the people of the country were considering the members of ‘Mandali’ as genuine. This is also true in the case of MC Stan and Shiv Thackeray. But in Nimrit’s case it has proved to be quite the opposite. Nimrit, who describes herself as a friend of Sumbul Touqueer Khan, was seen stabbing her friend in the back. Sumbul, who worked hard in the task to get Nimrit a ticket to ‘Ticket to Finale Week’, was seen planning against the same Sumbul. Users are enraged to see such a form of Nimrit. But the work of pouring ghee in the fire of this anger has been done by that video, which has now come to the fore.

In this video, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia along with Archana Gautam is seen planning to get Sumbul out of the ticket to finale race. Nimrit tells Archana Gautam to try to persuade Priyanka to fire Sumbul Touqeer Khan. This video is becoming increasingly viral on Twitter and Sumbul’s army of fans is in a tizzy.

Sumbul’s fans raged on Nimrit

Sumbul Tauqeer Khan’s fans are abusing Nimrit and saying that she has spoiled the name of friendship. Users are surprised to see that Archana and Priyanka do not like Nimrit and ‘Chattis ka daakti hai’, with whom Nimrit joined hands against Sumbul.

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Viral video of Nimrit, which users got angry after seeing:


One user wrote, ‘Sumbul kept fighting for Nimrit so that she could remain in the ticket to finale race. But when Nimrit got a chance that she could bring Sumbul to the finale race, she cheated. Users say that Nimrit is very selfish. If she did not get the support of Shiva, she would not have been able to reach even here.

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Shiva, Nimrit and Stan behave in revenge for Sumbul

On the other hand, users are also fuming because of the complete change in the behavior of Shiva, Stan and Nimrit towards Sumbul. He started telling Sumbul that she was playing the victim card. In fact, in the ‘Ticket to Finale’ task, when Sumbul saw the rude behavior of the ‘troupe’ members i.e. Nimrit, Shiva and MC Stan towards him, he felt very sad. Because of this Sumbul was not seen talking to him in any way.

‘Sumbul is playing the victim card’

But instead of understanding Sumbul’s silence and comforting her, Shiva, Stan and Nimrit sit in a corner and start gossiping about Sumbul. Stan tells Sumbul that he does not like such an attitude. And which one is it smaller? Ghar hai, earning itna money and appearing in such a big show. She is now playing the victim card.

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