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Usha Uthup B’day: Usha Uthup showed off the shoes on stage at the Jaipur Literature Festival, what are Kanjeevaram sneakers


Usha Uthup is celebrating her birthday today.
She narrated the story of Kanjeevaram sneakers in JLF.

Mumbai. Usha Uthup is a big name in the world of music. With his singing, he has made a new place in this world. He has mastered in Pop, Classical, Jazz, Indiepop. When she performs, everyone gets lost in her singing. Born on 7 November 1947, Usha is celebrating her birthday today. Along with Usha’s singing, her style also attracts people. Very few people know that they wear Kanjeevaram sneakers matching their saree. Let us tell you about it in detail…

Everyone is aware of Usha’s singing. In the initial period, her music test was considered less by the people, but gradually she managed to make a new place on the basis of her hard work. Usha created her own style, in which she always wore a Kanjeevaram saree. Along with this, she used to put a big bindi and gajra. This style of his used to draw everyone towards him. She also wears matching sneakers with saree.

Sneakers made on the advice of daughter
In the year 2019, there was also a session related to Usha and music at the Jaipur Literature Festival. During this session, Usha spoke extensively on music. Along with this, she told that she wears sneakers matching her saree. She showed off her shoe on the stage itself, which matched her sari. Usha had told that she had to stand for hours for her stage performance. In such a situation, his daughter had advised to wear sneakers. On this he thought of wearing sneakers of matching sari. Cobblers from Bihar Sushil and Misri Das made Kanjeevaram sneakers for her.

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