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Usha was filled with illegitimate relationships of Sawan Kumar, the wife got teased after the marriage broke up with the filmmaker

Filmmaker Sawan Kumar Tak passed away 15 days ago on 25 August. His ex-wife Usha Khanna a famous music director did not talk much at that time. It was not right for him to say anything at that time to tell his love story to the world. This is something that most people do not know. Many things came to the fore about their relationship, but you may not be aware of the aspect that will come out in the open now. Recently, his wife has spoken openly about their love story and tumultuous relationship.

just met and fell in love
When ETimes asked her when and where did you meet Saawan Kumar Tak for the first time, she said, ‘I was composing the music of a film in which Sawan Kumar ji came. He was writing a song for it. We formed a good bond almost immediately. He soon signed me for his next film ‘Havas’. During that time, our friendship turned into love. After that they decided to get married and the families of both did not attend that marriage.

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Marriage ended after 7 years
After this he told what happened after 7 years that both of them ended the marriage. He said, ‘After a few years, you start disliking certain things about the person you are with. It is better to stay away from constant quarrels. I can’t speak badly of someone I used to love. But we could not be together. Understanding began to decline. We decided, ‘You’re your place, I’m your place–but let’s be friends. Today I am missing a friend. The understanding which was in our friendship did not happen in the relationship of marriage.

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Usha was living in this sorrow
Did Sawan Kumar Tak have friendship with many girls? Did they have any relationship? On this Usha said, ‘Yes, it happened. I said that we should stay apart and after that I will not disturb them. Look, there was pain. After all, I was a man and his wife. Just, I said, you stay in your place and I live in my place. I didn’t want to keep fighting with them.

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Broken marriage due to other relationships
Was this one of the reasons why Usha ended her marriage with him? On this, Usha said, ‘His girlfriends were a part of his life. How could I live like this? Yes, relationships are like mirrors. A crack had formed. But I did not let it dominate me and ended the marriage.



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