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VIDEO: Indian Army Engineers in Ladakh built a bridge over the Indus river in a few hours


Indian Army’s South Western Command shared the video
The Indian Army once again proved its mettle

New Delhi. The Indian Army has once again proved its mettle. A video is going viral on social media, in which Indian Army’s excellence in engineering is clearly visible. In the video, army personnel are seen building a bridge over the Indus river in the inaccessible area of ​​Ladakh. The video has been shared with the Twitter handle of the South Western Command of the Indian Army. The title of the video is ‘Bridging Challenge – No Terrain Nor Altitude Insurmountable’. That is, ‘bridging the challenges, neither the terrain nor the inaccessible height’.

This feat has been done by Sapta Shakti Engineers in Eastern Ladakh. In the video, army personnel are pouring heavy iron parts into the Indus river. Within a few hours a bridge can be seen on the river. After the bridge is built, heavy trucks are also seen passing through it. This bridge built on the Indus river opens automatically in the water. Later all the parts are joined one by one and on seeing the bridge is ready in a moment.

The Indian Army personnel will be greatly benefited by the bridge built by the Indian Army across the Indus River in the Ladakh sector. The supply of logistics will also increase. Significantly, Indian Army Chief General Manoj Pandey was on a two-day visit to the Ladakh sector. He flew in an Apache attack helicopter of the Indian Air Force.

Army Chief General Manoj Pandey on Monday praised the Indian Air Force’s action in response to developments in eastern Ladakh in 2020. General Pandey said that without the ‘unprecedented contribution and airlift’ of the Indian Air Force, timely delivery of Army troops to Eastern Ladakh would not have been possible. General Pandey, who returned to Delhi after completing his two-day visit to Ladakh, said this while addressing the first Indian Army Logistics Conference at the Monkeshaw Center on Monday. He also referred to the border standoff with China in eastern Ladakh two years ago.

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