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VIDEO: The student asked the question about sanitary pads, IAS said – then condom is also needed for free?

Patna. A one-day workshop was organized by the Women and Child Development Corporation in the capital on the topic ‘Empowered daughters prosperity Bihar with the help of UNICEF’. During this, there was a ruckus on the question of a student who came to participate in the workshop. The girl asked if the government gives everything, can’t she give a sanitary pad of Rs 20-30 in the school? The statement given by Harjot Kaur, MD, Women and Child Development Corporation on this question, left the people sitting in the program stunned. The officer said that today you are asking for sanitary pads, then tomorrow you will ask for jeans-pants. The day after tomorrow you will also ask for beautiful shoes and finally the means for family planning for free.

The woman officer further said, ‘Why there is a need to take it from the government. This thinking is wrong and do something by yourself. At the same time, a student of Miller School asked the question that girls’ toilets in the school are broken and boys often enter, so they drink less water so that they do not have to go to the toilet. On this Harjot Kaur asked, ‘Tell me that there is a separate toilet in your house. If you ask for a lot separately everywhere, how will it work?

He said that the government is also providing financial help to the girls and is also running many programs for their empowerment. On this, a girl asked that the government should give money because it comes to take votes from us. On this, Kaur said, ‘Idiot has its end. You vote for money. Go to Pakistan. To this the student said, ‘I am Hindustani, why should I go to Pakistan.’

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