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VIDEO: The whole train started shaking due to the tremors of the earthquake, this video of the devastation in Taiwan will surprise


Taiwan shaken by powerful earthquake
Earth shaken by 6.8 magnitude earthquake
Train derailed due to vibration, power went off

Taipei. A strong earthquake was felt in Taiwan on Sunday, causing a three-storey building to collapse and many people buried under rubble. Due to the earthquake, a passenger train also derailed at a station. Sunday’s quake, which measured 6.8, was the most powerful of dozens of aftershocks being felt in the island’s southeastern parts of the country since Saturday. An earthquake of 6.4 magnitude was felt in the same area on Saturday evening.

According to the information, the epicenter of this earthquake was near the city of Chishang in the northern region. It was just seven kilometers below the surface. During this, a three-storey building collapsed near the city of Yuli. There were many shops under it and people lived above them. The 70-year-old owner of the building and his wife have been rescued, the agency said.

broken electrical wire
It is also being told that a 39-year-old woman and her five-year-old daughter are trapped in the debris. The rescue team personnel are in touch with him. After the destruction of the upper two floors, the debris fell on the narrow road. Due to this, the electric wires here also got broken. Apart from these, the bridge on the road connecting the rural areas of Yuli also collapsed.

400 tourists stranded
Here the police and firefighters are on the spot. There is a possibility of one or more vehicles falling from the bridge in this incident. The Central News Agency reported that around 400 tourists were trapped due to a landslide in Yuli, famous for its orange day lily flowers. Generally, the hill slopes here are covered with these flowers, which tourists come to see. According to the agency, there is no electricity in the area and mobile phone signal is also weak.

Tremors felt up to 210 km from the capital Taipei
The agency quoted the railway administration as saying that three coaches of a train parked there tilted to one side after an umbrella built on top of the platform fell at Dongli station in Phuli city between Yuli and the epicenter of the earthquake. A 36-year-old man was injured when the roof of the fifth floor of the sports center in Taoyuan city collapsed. The tremors were also felt in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city of Taoyuan, 210 km from western Taipei.

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