VIRAL VIDEO: Priyanka Chopra returned to India after 3 years, seeing the look, users said – ‘It doesn’t look Indian anymore’

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra In Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra has returned to her country after 3 years. He is very excited to come to India. Fans are also quite surprised to see Priyanka’s changed look. Fans are not tired of praising him. Fans have called the actress a Hollywood diva. As soon as Priyanka Chopra reached the event, the photographers surrounded her. Priyanka’s look also looked very stylish.

At this time, pictures and videos of Priyanka are becoming viral everywhere on social media. Her fans are unable to stop themselves without praising her from hair to nails. Fans are speaking about their day through their comments. While some people are liking this swag of Priyanka very much, some people feel that Priyanka has now got swamped in the foreign look. Many people are also commenting about his daughter.

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Priyanka’s pictures going viral
Priyanka Chopra has returned to India after 3 years. The joy of coming home from her in-laws is clearly visible on Priyanka’s face. That happiness can be clearly seen on her face in the pictures of Priyanka seen on social media. Many pictures of him have surfaced as soon as he reaches Mumbai. After coming to India, Priyanka also appeared in an event related to her haircare brand. Photos and videos of that event are also becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Fans called Priyanka a Hollywood diva
In the pictures of the event, Priyanka was wearing a front cut white crop top and trousers. His long nails and hair also caught the attention of the fans. Paparazzi Viral Bhayani has also posted a video of the actress on her Insta, on which fans are commenting fiercely. One user wrote, these nails are scary, another user has written that now it does not look Indian. Another wrote in the comment, now I find this Hollywood diva. Some people have also made funny comments on the video of the actress.

comment on daughter
At the same time, a user wrote in the comment, it seems that someone has come from the city to the village. Some people have also written on Priyanka’s hair, fake hair for the hair brand, while there is another comment that PC needs to change his hairstylist. Let us tell you that since Priyanka has returned to India, her daughter has not been seen anywhere, that’s why some people are also questioning her daughter.

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