Watch: The man who went outside the theater to protest against Pathan returned after watching the film, said- ‘Will go to watch it again’

Pathan Movie: Shahrukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’ is creating a new history in the film industry. Thousands of people are reaching the theater to watch the film. This film also had to see opposition. This film had to face Boycott due to Deepika’s saffron bikini in the song Besharam Rang, but Pathan movie has flopped due to Boycott. Meanwhile, the video of a young man from Patna is going viral very fast.

It can be seen in this video that a young man tells the local news channel that he had come to the theater to boycott the film Pathan, but he did not see anyone else here. The youth is saying that he had come to disrupt the show of the film Pathan. He said that there was no one to join him in boycotting the film. He tells that a day ago I had opposed this film. That’s why he had come even today, but today no one showed up to oppose the film. The young man tells that he had received money for protesting, so even today he came to protest against the film.

First protest then saw pathan movie

The young man said that when no one was seen to protest, he stood near the theatre. Another young man asked him what he was doing, then the young man said that I had come to protest. The other young man had an extra ticket. He offered a ticket to the youth who came to protest. In such a situation, the young man who came to protest goes inside to watch the movie Pathan. After watching the film, he says that he was in a mood to oppose the film, so he could not enjoy the show that much.

Pathan had come to oppose the film and started watching the film
The man says, “I was forced to watch the film, I came to protest.” The reporter asks the young man if all the protests around the film are fake. The young man replied, “I came to protest yesterday and also tore the posters of the film, but today when I came to protest there was no one here. I felt that after yesterday’s protest I got the money and today I will get some more so I came today. I liked the second part of the movie, the first part was also good but I will come again tomorrow to see it.

The young man said that he was in a protesting mood, so he did not like the first part of the film. He said that he will watch this film once more. The person said, “The first half was also good, but the second half was very good. Had come to protest, but the one who said Jai Hind in the last got goosebumps.” After watching the film, the young man said that the film was good.

Pathan’s performance at the box office
Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’ continues to rock at the box office. The film has crossed the figure of 300 crores in its three days of release. The film has set new records of earnings. Shahrukh’s return to the big screen after almost 4 years has taken the excitement of the fans to a different level. On this, this new avatar of King Khan is very much liked by the fans.

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