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What did Ekta Kapoor say while wishing Chunky Pandey a happy birthday?

Ekta Kapoor’s Crush On Chunky Panday: Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey has recently celebrated his 60th birthday. On Saturday, he celebrated his pre-birthday party with Bollywood’s famous stars and his friends. On the occasion of his birthday, he got many congratulations from fans and many celebs. However, in the meantime, Ekta Kapoor, the famous producer of the TV industry, said something for him, which now remains a matter of discussion.

Pictures of Chunky Pandey’s birthday party celebration are becoming very viral on social media at this time. The inside pictures of the birthday have been shared by Farah Khan. The fan following of Chunky Pandey is not limited only among the people of the internet, but some celebs also like him. Everyone would know about Farah Khan’s crush on Chunky Pandey. There was a time when she liked the actor very much. However, now one name of Ekta Kapoor has also appeared in the list of fans of Chunky Pandey.

Ekta Kapoor’s post is in discussion

On the actor’s birthday, Ekta Kapoor has posted a picture in the story section of her Instagram account. In this, Chunky Pandey and Ekta Kapoor are seen doing side hugs to each other. This picture seems to be from a long time ago. The thing to note is the caption in this picture, which reads, ‘Years ago I had a crush on Chunky Pandey. If she had answered at that time, today I would have been called a Bollywood wife. Happy Birthday’. This post is becoming quite viral on social media.

Farah Khan’s comment also caught attention
Recently, Ananya Pandey also shared some pictures with her father congratulating him on his birthday. In this, Ananya’s childhood is seen with Chunky Pandey. Many celebs showered love on the pictures. At the same time, Farah Khan wrote on this, ‘I was going to be your mother’. Outside, one thing is clear from this that Chunky Pandey’s charm remains intact even after crossing the half-century of his age.

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