What does Salim Khan think about the career of Ek Son Superstar, Arbaaz and Sohail, revealed

New Delhi: At the stage where Salman Khan is today, fans want to know about his every update. Salman’s favorite fans are excited to know everything related to him and his family. Salman’s father Salim Khan is a veteran writer of the industry. Even after being the father of a superstar son, he keeps himself away from the limelight. Now he has talked about many things related to himself and his family on the show of son Arbaaz Khan and has also exposed many untold secrets.

Away from the world of acting, Arbaaz Khan is also gaining fame in the world of hosting. Recently he has come up with a new show called ‘The Invincibles’. In which his father Salim Khan has entered as the first guest. In the recent episode, Salim Khan spoke openly about his family and his personal life. Along with this, he also revealed many secrets related to his sons, about which hardly anyone has heard.

Arbaaz asked a surprising question to his father
Recently, when Salim Khan appeared in this chat show, Arbaaz Khan also talked about his father’s two marriages. Along with this, he asked such a question to the father which is quite surprising. The actor asked, ‘Salman Khan is the superstar of the film industry today. But in comparison to him, the rest of your children, that is me and Sohail, could not reach the point where Salman is today. Have you ever felt sad thinking about this or are you disappointed that my other children could not reach that point like Salman.

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Salim Khan’s answer to Dil Jeet Lega
Salim Khan answered Arbaaz’s question bluntly, ‘When I see the hard work of my other children as well, I am satisfied to see that my other children are also working hard. So I never feel like what my other kids are doing. I am also very optimistic myself. Then the best thing is that both my other children are not wasting their time. In this conversation, Salim Khan also told that it is easy to handle failure. One should always think how we have to come out of it.

Salim Khan said – success goes on the head
Arbaaz himself was seen agreeing after listening to his father’s answer. Taking forward his talk with the actor’s father Salim Khan, he said, ‘Success goes on people’s heads. A well-known Hollywood director has said, ‘More than failure, success kills people’s careers.

Let us inform that Helen, Javed Akhtar, Waheeda Rehman, Shatrughan Sinha and Mahesh Bhatt will also be seen in ‘The Invincibles with Arbaaz Khan’. The episode of Salim Khan has been released at the moment.

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