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What happened before Vaishali Thakkar committed suicide, Rahul Navlani revealed in police remand

New and shocking revelations are being made in the suicide case of TV actress Vaishali Thakkar. The actress committed suicide at her Indore home on October 16, 2022, which shook the entire industry. However, the police had found a suicide note from the spot, in which they had blamed the neighbor Rahul Navlani for his death and also accused his wife of torture and pleaded for justice. The police arrested the accused after a lot of efforts. The court also sent him on remand for 4 days, in which he has told many surprising things.

Rahul Navlani was arrested on Wednesday, October 19, three days after the suicide of actress Vaishali Thakkar. He was on the run since the day of the incident. The police had also got blockades done at places and also told at the airport, so that he could not leave the country and run away. On Thursday, October 20, the police produced Rahul in the court from where he was sent on four-day police remand. During this, Rahul made many revelations related to the suicide note.

Vaishali Takkar: Nishant Malkani said – I knew Rahul is harassing Vaishali, now I will tell everything to the police
Rahul knew about Vaishali’s suicide
Rahul told the police that 6 hours before Vaishali committed suicide, the actress had sent that note to his wife Disha. When Rahul came to know about this, he told Vaishala’s mother. According to her, the mother tried to convince Vaishali a lot but she did not agree. He committed suicide. After this, Rahul ran away from home in the night itself.

Rahul Navlani: Know where Rahul was hiding behind Vaishali Thakkar’s death
Rahul Navlani deleted social media account
During interrogation, Rahul has declared himself innocent. Not only this, he has even deleted his social media account. Mobile data has also been formatted. Although the police is trying to recover everything. Taking help of Vaishali’s family, who allege that Rahul was harassing their daughter. He was blackmailing and threatening her.

Vaishali Takkar Last Wish: This was Vaishali Thakkar’s last wish, after the last rites the family fulfilled it with a heavy heart
Vaishali’s brother accuses Rahul of assault
Brother Neeraj Thakkar has even told that Rahul used to pressure his sister to have physical relationship and get married. He also tried to beat. Vaishali used to be very scared because of this, but she used to remain good in front of everyone as if nothing had happened. For one thing, Rahul had called Vaishali home, when there was neither wife nor children at home. There he started pressurizing her to be physical. When he refused, he slapped her. After this she came home and after several days told this to her brother.

Vaishali Takkar: Vaishali said don’t worry, I will handle everything – Vikas Sethi’s wife narrated the whole story
Vaishali’s sister told about Rahul’s marriage to Vaishali
At the same time, the cousin had also told that Rahul was pressurizing for marriage. He said that he will divorce his wife Disha. During this, both were also coming closer, but when Rahul did not divorce, the actress started running away from him. Rahul started talking to her about marriage and started harassing her.



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