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What will be the ban on the municipal elections to be held in Bihar? Patna High Court will pronounce its verdict on October 4


A big decision can come regarding the municipal elections to be held in Bihar
It will be decided on October 4 whether the election will be stayed or not.
The screw is stuck for giving reservation to the backwards in the elections

Patna. Will there be a ban on the municipal elections being held in Bihar? The answer to this question will be found on the next 4 October. In fact, hearing is going on in the Patna High Court these days regarding the Bihar municipal elections. The hearing ended on Thursday. The court has fixed October 4 as the day to deliver the verdict. In such a situation, it will be decided on that day whether the municipal elections will be banned or the election will be completed according to the schedule. In fact, in the municipal elections of Bihar, the screw is stuck in the reservation for the backwards. An important decision was given by the Supreme Court regarding reservation in the elections of local bodies.

In December last year, the Supreme Court had said that reservation in local body elections will not be allowed in a state until the state government fulfills the norms set by the Supreme Court. In the year 2010, the standards were set in the Supreme Court. It is alleged that the Bihar government did not fulfill the standards of the Supreme Court and the process of municipal elections was started. A petition was filed against this in the Supreme Court. While hearing the petition, the Supreme Court had said that a matter in this regard is already pending in the Patna High Court. The Supreme Court had said that the first phase of municipal elections in Bihar is on October 10. The Patna High Court should complete the hearing on this petition before October 10 and give its verdict.

The government said in the court – the decision to hold elections is right

Following the directions of the Supreme Court, the matter was heard in the Patna High Court. Senior Advocate Vikas Singh of the Supreme Court along with Advocate General Lalit Kishor on behalf of the state government presented their side on behalf of the government. The Bihar government said in the court that the decision to hold elections is correct. At the same time, the lawyers who argued on behalf of the petitioners said that the Bihar government has taken a wrong decision. The decision of the Supreme Court has been ignored in the reservation in the municipal elections. After hearing the arguments of both the sides, the decision has been reserved by the Patna High Court.

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Actually, Supreme Court In its decision, it was said that the state government should first ensure the formation of a special commission to give reservation to the backward classes in the local body elections. The commission constituted by the government should study that which class is really backward. It should be decided to give reservation to them only on the basis of the report of the commission. The Supreme Court had also said that the reservation limit should not exceed 50 percent. The Supreme Court said that if the state governments do not fulfill these conditions, then if the local body elections are held in a state, then the reserved seat for the backward class should also be considered as normal.

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