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Whatever happened to Mehsa in Iran, it would have happened to me that day – Elnaaz narrated the horrifying ordeal on the Hijab controversy

These days Iran is burning badly in the fire of hijab controversy. The flames of the hijab controversy have been rising higher after the recent death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in police custody in Tehran. Mehsa Amini was detained only because she was not wearing the hijab properly. The police did a lot of atrocities on Mahsa Amini. She had also shared some pictures on social media, in which injury marks were visible on her body. Later, Mahsa Amini died in police custody. Since Mahsa’s death, the movement for the hijab in Iran has intensified. Women are protesting against the dress and code and the laws related to it, burning hijab and cutting their hair everywhere. The reaction of Bollywood actress Elnaaz Naoroji, now living in Iran, has come. The entire family of Elnaaz is in Iran and there is no communication with the family members.

Panicked Elnaaz Norouzi has shared the video on her Instagram account. In this she is saying, ‘My Indian friends and all my followers, I request all of you to spread this news. Help Iran to fight this war which has been going on for 43 years. Please create awareness. They are killing people every day on the streets. They have shut down the internet and all means of communication.

Elnaaz Naoroji spoke to our colleague ETimes about this. Elnaaz Naoroji told that he had spoken to the family members only a few days ago. But in Iran (hijab protest or row in Iran) all the internet services are not able to contact the family due to disruption. “They have cut the internet so that people can’t come in contact with the world and show what is happening in Iran,” Elnaaz said. This is dictatorship. It breaks my heart to see people being beaten and killed on the road like this. We are saying that we want to be free to do whatever we want to do as women. We just want the world to listen and see what’s going on. Because they are killing our people.

‘Mahasa Amini was vandalized’
Elnaaz Naoroji further said, ‘What happened to Mahsa Amini is barbaric. After so many years of oppression, women are tired of it. Iranian women no longer just sit at home and listen. Even men are protesting by taking to the streets. It is no longer about the hijab, but about what they have done to our country. It is about the restrictions in our country. People are poor. They don’t have money to eat.

When Elnaaz was caught by the police for tight pants
When Elnaaz Naoroji was in Iran, she too had once escaped being caught in the clutches of the police. Elnaaz was very scared at that time. He said that what happened to Mahsa Amini now could have happened to her too. Elnaaz Naoroji said, ‘What happened to Mahsa could have happened to Elnaaz (me). A few years ago I was in Iran and it was my last day in Tehran. I was out on the road with my cousin when suddenly a lady appeared in front of me, and she asked me ‘What is this?’. I didn’t really know what she was talking about and she repeated ‘What is this?’. Then I was caught by the Moral Police Patrol-e Irshad just because my pants were not wide enough. It was so tight that my ankles were clearly visible. I was taken to the ‘re-education’ center in the van. There Mahsa Amini was also taken there. I was kept there until someone came there to pick me up with the right clothes.

Murder in the 21st century without covering the head is barbaric… Mahsa Amini’s murder in Iran Statement of Indian Muslim Organization
‘I was scared, what happened to Mehsa could happen to me’
Elnaaz, while narrating her ordeal, further said, ‘My cousin was terribly scared. The family was also scared. When I reached there they took my passport and my phone. The way they scare you. No one can live in Iran like the things they do to you. No one should live like that. They catch you for strange things and take you away. For your nail color, your hijab, clothes, anything. I don’t want any woman to live there like that. No woman deserves this. This short story is just to make you understand that what happened to Mahsa Amini could have happened to me too. And it can happen to any woman in Iran. It is very scary.’

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Elnaaz Naoroji told what those people do
Elnaaz said, ‘They take your pictures as if you are in jail. Takes all your details. You don’t know when they will come for what. Sometimes the women and girls they take are not able to return. In the last video I posted, a woman was badly hit on the road by the police and she started bleeding. She can die. Mahsa Amini also died similarly. She had internal bleeding as they hit her on the head as well. He is repeatedly lying that he had a heart attack.

In Iran, the girl was punished for performance, six bullets hit on the chest, face and neck, 20-year-old hadith, fond of dance, died
Hijab law in Iran

Let us tell you that after the Islamic Revolution of 1979 in Iran, according to Sharia law, it was made mandatory for women to wear hijab. Under Section 638 of the Islamic Penal Code, if a woman or girl is seen in public places without a hijab or dress code, she will be punished severely. For decades, women lived there under all kinds of restrictions, but now they have waged an all-out war against those restrictions and the hijab. Mahsa Amini was also one of them. She was a resident of the city of Sakej in Kurdistan. According to reports, Mahsa Amini wore clothes according to Iran’s dress code, but the police caught her and took her away. During interrogation, screams and shouts were heard from inside the room. Later, when Mahsa Amini was taken to the hospital in an ambulance.



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